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Customer Experience and Consumer Insights Solutions

Capture unparalleled consumer insights and manage the customer experience with call center technologies from Astute Solutions

Today’s consumers need freedom. They want to interact with you on their terms— through their channel of choice—with the assurance of quality, consistency and accuracy.

Our customer experience solutions give you the depth and breadth of capabilities needed to deliver relationship-building service online and offline. They provide advanced communication and automation capabilities that drive widespread efficiencies and reduce costs.

Our long list of customer experience solutions includes:

Customer Support and Contact Center
As a best-of-breed solution for Customer Care and Consumer Relations, ePowerCenterTM dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of contact center interactions, enhances consumer relationships, reduces costs, and provides your organization powerful insight into the voice of the consumer.
     Web Self-Service
Through a “virtual assistant” on your website, RealDialog Self-Service assists customers like an expert agent – delivering accurate and personalized answers while resolving issues. Whether visitors are on your site for service and support, research, or for purchase, the solution ensures they will have a positive experience.
Knowledge Management
As a fast, accurate, and effective Knowledge Management solution for your customers, contact center agents, and employees, RealDialogTM delivers exceptionally clear, accurate, and effective answers, and interactive guidance for resolving issues via your company’s website, intranet portal, CRM/contact center application, and/or other applications.
  Social Media Management
The Astute Social Relationship Management (SRM) solution helps you close the gap between gathering social network data and strengthening customer relationships. It enables you to identify relevant communications, understand the impact on your organization, engage and serve your audience proactively, and incorporate their insights into decision making across the enterprise.
Reporting and Analysis
Through our extensive voice of the customer reporting capabilities, you leverage direct insights. Detailed, actionable data guides you in delivering products and services that truly meet your customers’ changing needs, wants and expectations. This is what a customer-centric strategy is all about.

  Survey Analytics
Surveys provide a valuable insight into improving customer experiences and maximizing their interactions with you. Through Natural Language Processing technology, as well as keyword searches, Astute Survey Analytics is able to process, analyze and understand both closed and open-ended questions – meaning you gain true insight into what your customers are saying.

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