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Astute Insights: A Powerful Consumer Insights and Feedback Reporting Tool

Capture meaningful consumer insights and report on them from various data sources in the organization.

Enhance your customer reporting and establish relevant KPIs with real-time dashboards, alerts and Big Data intelligence

Your customers want to tell you how to make them happy, all you need are the tools to listen. With the right tools, you’ll gain valuable insights into what your customers truly need – allowing you to improve customer service interactions, products, services, promotions, and web content.

With advanced reporting technology designed to extract and identify voice-of-the-customer (VOC) insights, Astute Insights is built to do just that.  In conjunction with Astute Solutions' suite of Customer Experience Products - as well as other party data - this SaaS customer insight analysis and reporting tool will capture all that valuable data, helping you identify the opportunities that will turn happy customers into raving fans: 

  • Capture and analyze all customer, agent, employee and partner insights across multiple customer service channels
  • Establish KPIs, alerts and analyze data critical to business success
  • Augment market research and product development
  • Facilitate  continuous improvement to website, contact center and self-service channels, as well as other parts of the organization
  • Improve marketing messaging, performance and return on investment
  • Keep informed on the most common customer complaints/requests
  • Quickly identify and prioritize areas for corrective action
  • Identify the root causes of problems, changes in customer preferences, and opportunities where customer needs are not being met—all in real time
  • Gain insights into consumer reactions through the power of Big Data

Unleashing the power of real-time customer feedback with advanced reporting

Quick and easy to use, our customer feedback reporting and analysis solution lets you gain and access valuable insights in real-time. Built with the non-technical user in mind, Astute Insights offers an easy-to-use interface, meaning you can:

  • Define scorecards, reports and dashboards that allow for the drill down and mash-up of the data
  • Establish reporting that can be accessed by anyone in the organization
  • Create dashboards, scorecards and reports that marry CRM data with other 3rd party applications – such as sales channels
  • Generate reports utilizing aggregated data in a fraction of the time (reports that can take hours to run in ePowerCenter now take seconds in Astute Insights)
  • Export and annotate data for easy distribution
  • Define customer alerts for insights into your organization