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Astute Intuition

Put all your vital customer feedback to work for your brand

Customers provide a steady stream of real-time feedback about their experience with your brand, from review boards like bazaarvoice™ and OpenTable®, to other free-form, unstructured data found on your own surveys, email, CRM case text and other formats.

This feedback is vital to increase sales, reduce churn and build loyalty – but it’s an overwhelming resource drain to read and analyze it all.

Until now.

With Astute Intuition™, customer feedback from any source is read, analyzed and reported to the right people in your organization instantly. Intuition uses Astute's proprietary Natural Language Processing and Grammar Tree Parsing technologies to read and analyze every customer comment in the proper context. With Intuition you can:

Identify issues and capture positive feedback across multi-channels

  • Understand customer sentiment across any and all feedback sources
  • Understand key topics of interest
  • Sort specific issues by location or regional territory

Consolidate all feedback sources into one centralized location

  • Join unstructured and structured content to get a complete picture of your customers
  • Compare customer satisfaction survey data with review site data
  • Add social media monitoring with Astute SRM and compare data from all content sources

Get actionable data — fast

  • Find and deliver all “Voice of the Customer” interactions to the right people in real-time


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