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Astute Knowledge (Formerly RealDialog™)

More than just a correct answer

Our knowledge management solutions provide a positive self-service experience for all of your brand’s customer channels.

Agent Assist

If your organization... ...we provide a solution that:
Has agents wasting their time hunting for information from multiple sources or long search lists. Features a simple, easy-to-use interface. Agents enter a question or phrase to find the correct material and responses to their inquiries.
Wants to improve first call resolution and handle time. Reduces contact costs while improving accuracy. Provides accurate information quickly to dramatically improve handle time and consistency.
Has seasonal representatives or a high level of escalations. Reduces the cost and timeframe to train. Ramp up your seasonal help in days, cut training time by 50%, and reduce escalations.
Needs to improve or QA its case coding. Provides CRM integration. Automates coding of cases, logs knowledge responses and conducts shorthand queries.
Has trouble identifying missing content, or wants to version, publish or inactivate content. Reduces your maintenance costs. Our automated learning feature identifies content gaps, and helps you re-use existing content.

Web Self-Service

If your product website... ...we provide a solution that:
Provides incorrect answers or long search lists by failing to ask qualifying questions. Delivers accurate responses that build consumer trust and loyalty. Using two-way dialogue and patented natural language processing, our solution delivers accurate results and eliminates long search lists.
Attracts a high level of emails. Reduces emails by up to 80 percent. And you can reduce contacts and costs through less phone calls while providing 24/7 customer support.
Produces high cart abandonment. Improves conversion rates. Our solution answers questions throughout the sales process to reduce customer frustration and abandonment.
Fails to identify early indicators and topics daily. Reduces risk. It delivers fast, accurate brand responses, escalates high risk topics, provides version responses for legal/regulatory compliance and “sees” and reacts to early indicators.
Fails to capture and use what your customers are actually asking for. Captures "voice of the customer" insights without surveying. Our learning tools are built into authoring, enabling you to share insights with brand managers and building new content based upon actual need.

Portal Assist

If your organization... ...we provide a solution that:
Has information distributed across many networks or websites. Simplifies finding information. Our solution leverages existing content in a simple, easy-to-use interface.
Has duplication of information in its content libraries. Provides a single, consistent and correct answer.
Has an internal help desk for employees or partners. Provides 24/7 self-service.


Extend your self-service offerings to mobile users. Optimize the customer experience for popular mobile devices and browsers. Provide 24/7 responses to your customers! With mobile, you’ll drive the adoption of self-service. The mobile channel gives you greater insight into the customer. By capturing and analyzing this data, you can better understand customer needs and preferences to drive more cost-efficient self-service interactions.


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