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SRM: Astute Social Relationship Management

Powerful insights from an affordable social media management tool.

Astute SRM enables you to track conversations, configure analysis and engage consumers in an amazing number of ways — with surprising ease and affordability.

Why Astute SRM?


Find Relevant Insights Quickly

Configure your searches to make information easier to sort and analyze. Using our exclusive Natural Language Processor, we automate positive, negative and neutral sentiments. Edit and fine-tune those sentiments even further to improve data accuracy for your brand.


Get More for Your Money

For each brand search, sort information by a virtually unlimited number of products and topics important to you.
And search any number of competitors as well — all standard, with no hidden costs.


Reduce Your Crisis Risk Exposure

Avoid potential recalls and litigation situations by detecting and responding to real-time threats quickly. Set your own crisis threat alert thresholds and establish rules for management. This includes routing potential threat posts immediately and automatically via email to anyone you choose for appropriate resolution.


Evaluate Social Campaigns

Track campaign effectiveness by tracking where, when and who is picking up your campaign messages. Analyze how consumers are reacting to your social marketing efforts. Target important brand influencers for future campaigns.


Control How Information is Managed

Change search criteria at any time, schedule Tweets and Facebook posts in advance, generate custom metrics and reports, and have any report automatically sent to anyone in your organization!



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