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CRM: ePowerCenter

The preferred CRM solution for the world’s most recognized brands

ePowerCenter is proven, award-winning case management software for the contact center that creates cost efficiencies and improves customer interactions — all through a single, intuitive user interface. And it comes with a mobile app option!

Why ePowerCenter?


Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Reduce call handle times by presenting your agents with a comprehensive view of the customer’s interaction history across all channels. This allows your agents to address issues quickly and thoroughly on first contact. And reduce your agents’ training and ramp-up times significantly.


Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Deliver added value to your customers’ experience. Give your agents instant access to contextual information about the customer. Enable them to deliver personalized follow up letters and emails. They’ll also have the ability to address customer complaints quickly and easily through the use of checks and coupons. Capture special information like birthdays, favorite items, and more.


Mitigate Risk

Set your own thresholds to detect, manage and resolve issues early on to avoid the threat of litigation. Create audit trails easily to ensure compliance in regulated industries.


Produce Better Customer Insights

Use our Repeater and Goodwill analysis to quickly identify trends and specific customer insights into unexpected changes or consequences resulting from the use of your products and services.



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