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Mobile CRM for Customer Care: ePowerCenter Mobile

Taking Customer Service Directly to the Source with Mobile CRM Solutions

It’s no secret. Over the last decade, the customer service landscape has gone mobile. And with it, your workforce has been forced to adapt. Field agents, retail employees, or anyone with direct customer contact can no longer pass the responsibility of issue resolution on to a contact center. Happy customers, the ones who will later sing your praises, expect their needs to be fulfilled how and when they choose.

Astute Solution’s mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, ePowerCenterTM Mobile, offers your field agents, remote employees and retail staff the right information - at the right time – allowing them to respond and report to each of your customers unique demands in real-time.

Advantages of the ePowerCenter mobile CRM solution include:

  • Pay for what you use.
  • Eliminates port, trunk, extension and separate carrier expenses.
  • Streamlines the talent needed to run communications in-house.
  • Eliminates pricey hardware, software and maintenance expenses.

Customer resolution in ‘real-time’ leads to customers who are ‘really’ happy

ePowerCenter is a mobile CRM platform — meaning whether your field agents are working on closing that next sales deal or responding directly to an account inquiry, they can ensure immediate access and accountability.

Working in conjunction with your home based ePowerCenter system — and accessible through a laptop, tablet computer or smartphone — the ePowerCenter Mobile app:

  • Transfers data from mobile device to the main ePowerCenter database
  • Connects via web services, email and mobile devices for maximum flexibility
  • Supports iPhone (IOS), Android, Mobile web browsers and Windows Mobile
  • Mobile CRM app transfers support across multiple devices, meaning no recreating code for each device


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