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Software Solutions for Customer Experience Improvement

Social Relationship Management and Contact Center Technology from Astute Solutions

The Future of the Contact Center:
A Motion Infographic

Check out some stats and information on the future of the contact center and what it holds for your organization.

What's the difference between a raving fan and a satisfied customer? Raving fans are your biggest advocate and asset. They are the ones who buy from you and bundle with you. And, they will recommend that friends, families, co-workers and neighbors do the same. They’ll turn to social media and sing your praises through blog posts, forum tweets and Facebook likes.

At Astute Solutions, we believe that strong customer experiences are your avenue to winning a raving fan base. Through our best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contact Center, and Social Media Management solutions, you’ll gain the tools and resources to:

  • Surprise and delight customers through high-touch, personalized interaction experiences
  • Address issues quickly and thoroughly
  • Enable customers to help themselves—without compromising their experience—through effective self-service tools
  • Facilitate seamless interaction experiences
  • Deliver unexpected value during and after customer interactions
  • Proactively respond to customers’ wants and needs
  • Gain a unique level of insight into customers’ perceptions, needs and feelings

Customer Relationship Management Solutions that Match Your Needs

Whether your business is in sales, retail, marketing, service, or customer support, our customer service and experience solutions give you the depth and breadth of capabilities needed to deliver relationship-building service both online and offline:

CRM Solutions by Industry
Leading enterprises around the world have turned to our CRM solutions to give them the competitive edge.

CRM Solutions by Role
With a list that includes customer service professionals, IT personnel, and marketers, our customer service and experience solutions are designed to transcend roles and job responsibilities.

Learn more about our customer experience solutions

Learn how we can enable you to deliver superior customer experiences, regardless of service channel:

Download the goal-solutions guide, Deliver Superior Customer Experiences Across All Channels.

For information on how we've helped consumer-facing organizations accomplish other goals such as increasing contact center efficiency, reducing costs, improving marketing and others, visit the Goal-Solutions Guides section of the Resource Center.