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CRM and Contact Center Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Gain consumer insights and manage the social customer experience

In the automotive marketplace, it takes more than just great design or low price to succeed. Great service is a continuum that reaffirms satisfaction and builds loyalty. And, in a world full of social media networking and internet review sites, every happy customer is a potential advocate, while every dissatisfied customer is a potential detractor.

At Astute Solutions, our goal is take the concept of the happy customer advocate to the next level – and turn your customers into raving fans. Our Contact Center, Social Media Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions offer a clear and proven path to strengthening customer touch points between you and your customer base.

Whether you are a dealer or service center provider, our CRM solutions are designed to empower your contact center agents, sales agents, or customer service representatives:

  • Generate positive word-of-mouth in the age of the empowered consumer
  • Improve buying and service experiences for dealers and consumers while controlling costs
  • Leverage social media and mobile channels to improve customer service and increase sales
  • Leverage consumer insights to make better decisions across the enterprise
  • Effectively manage liability claims, recalls and adverse events while protecting the brand
  • Proactively communicate with consumers to stand out among competitors

Exceeding the customer support demands of today’s automotive customer

Our contact center solutions excel at helping manufacturers (like Ford) and service centers (like Midas) meet the complex demands of the automotive industry while benefiting from empowered consumers. Take a closer look at what our CRM solutions have to offer:

Automotive Manufacturers:

  • Customer Service and Support: Reduce support costs by delivering the right information to the right individual at the right time
  • Knowledge Management: Increase customer and dealer satisfaction and lower contact center expenditures through effective self-service
  • Contact Center Solutions: Protect your brand by mitigating risks, ensuring compliance, and effectively managing liability claims, recalls and adverse events

View our industry guide for automotive manufacturers to learn more.

Automotive Service Centers:

  • Multi-channel CRM – Improve information access across the Web, email, contact center, customer service portal
  • Web Self-Service – With true web self-service can search for answers in their natural language
  • Social Media Management – Improve marketing, drive revenues and increase positive word-of-mouth

View our industry guide for automotive service organizations to learn more.