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CRM and Social Media Management Solutions for CPG Companies

Improve the Customer Experience and Mitigate Risk with Astute Solutions

In the Consumer Packaged Goods industries, you rely on repeat purchases and loyal consumers to remain profitable. Yet, your opportunities to glean consumer insights and strengthen customer relationships can be few and far between. Whether your customers reach out to you through your contact center, Web, email, or social media, every customer interaction offers a chance to grow and strengthen your business.

At Astute Solutions, we understand that, for consumer goods companies, the customer experience is both a strategic resource and a competitive differentiator. It reinforces your brand and enhances repurchase intent. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions were designed with this in mind…and a whole lot more!

Our CRM and Contact Center Solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry are designed to:

  • Differentiate through exceptional service experiences
  • Increase your customer satisfaction, loyalty, repeat purchases, and referrals
  • Reduce costs
  • Protect your brand and your bottom line
  • Gain actionable insight into consumer preferences, needs and wants

View our Consumer Packaged Goods industry guide to learn more about how we can enable your organization to deliver superior customer experiences, improve efficiencies and garner business intelligence from your CRM solutions.

The Advantages of CRM Solutions with Astute Solutions

Improving service quality and efficiency across all communication channels: Using our ePowerCenter customer relationship management solution, contact center representatives at all experience levels are equipped to deliver knowledgeable, attentive and efficient service. They unify customer data, feedback, and knowledge within a single, powerful and flexible application.

Delivering consistent, accurate, and timely information: Our RealDialog knowledge management solution removes the biggest obstacle to service excellence by providing your contact center representatives, employees, and consumers with access to consistent, accurate, and timely information about your products, services, policies, and brands.

Providing effective, high quality self-service experiences: With our self-service solutions, you’ll deliver high quality information more efficiently, reduce costs, and better manage spikes in contact volume when breaking news occurs.

Minimizing fraudulent claims and goodwill abuse: Our CRM contact center solutions enable consumer packaged goods representatives to view a consumer’s interaction and issue history in detail. It alerts them when a consumer has repeatedly requested goodwill and/or compensation.