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Customer Retention Strategies and Solutions for Restaurants

Retain customers, gain consumer insights, and manage social media with Astute Solutions

In the restaurant industry, negative guest experiences are inevitable. It is how you handle these negative experiences that make the ultimate difference. Handle the experience quickly and efficiently, and you may have a customer for life. Handle the experience poorly, and you may find yourself in the midst of negative word of mouth campaign that could reach thousands.

Astute Solutions can help. Our contact center, guest retention, and social media management solutions provide an exceptional level of flexibility to handle the distinct and changing demands of the restaurant industry. Leading global restaurants like McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Brands, Domino’s and Darden Restaurants rely on our solutions to:

  • Enhance guest experiences and recovery efforts
  • Increase loyalty and positive word of mouth
  • Protect their brands by identifying and addressing emerging issues and risk factors
  • Improve their menu items, service quality, promotions and processes
  • Reduce costs across the organization

Learn more about guest recovery and retention solutions from Astute Solutions. View our Restaurant Customer Care Guide for more information.

Create positive customer experiences and improve customer satisfaction with CRM Solutions for your restaurant

When it comes to effectively handling guest feedback and experiences, the need for an especially powerful and flexible solution is clear. Guest Retention and Recovery Solutions from Astute Solutions are designed to help your restaurant:

  • Remove corporate, local restaurant, and franchise communication gaps: When appropriate, our CRM solutions can immediately route customer comments and complaints to the appropriate restaurant manager or franchisee for resolution.
  • Identify and respond to issues quickly: Regardless of whether a guest didn’t like an item’s presentation or experienced disappointing service at a specific location, your customer service representative is equipped to capture all the right details of their  experience and respond appropriately
  • Increase guest retention and satisfaction through positive service experiences: Using our ePowerCenter customer relationship management solution, customer care representatives can quickly identify guests, address concerns, resolve issues, and offer solutions that help to turn a negative experience into a positive one – all through a single interface.