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CRM Solutions for the Customer Service Representative

Improve the customer service experience for your customers with Astute Solutions

It should come as no surprise: The happiest of customers are those you connect with through superior customer service. But this does not mean great customer service is strictly relegated to a sales representative or contact center agent.  Today’s consumers need freedom. They want to interact with you on their terms— through their customer service channel of choice—with the assurance of quality, consistency and accuracy.

Client Interaction and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions through Astute Solutions give you the depth and breadth of capabilities needed to deliver relationship-building service online and offline. They provide advanced communication and automation capabilities that drive widespread efficiencies and reduce costs. Through our customer care solutions, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your customers’ immediate needs, with the capabilities to enhance their experience at the time it matters most.

The benefits of our customer care solutions include:

  • Service levels and customer satisfaction increase across multiple communication channels
  • Automated processes reduce costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Agent and employee efficiency, productivity and satisfaction sharply rise
  • Revenue increases through more efficient and effective outbound campaigns

View our Goal-Focused Solutions Guide, Deliver Superior Customer Experience Across All Channels, to learn how we can help you do just that.

Your source for delivering world-class customer experiences

We have spent more than a decade perfecting solutions that turn happy customers into raving fans. Our customer care solutions are designed to help provide quality customer service across all service channels, including:

  • Customer Care
    ePowerCenter enables your agents to view, manage and process all interactions through a single, intuitive user interface. The contact center solution provides essential knowledge, data and tools needed to resolve complex issues and deliver high-touch service.
  • Knowledge Management
    RealDialog delivers exceptionally clear, accurate, and effective answers, and interactive guidance for resolving issues via your company’s website, Intranet portal, CRM/contact center application, and/or other applications
  • Web Self Service
    Through a “virtual assistant” on your website, RealDialog Self-Service assists customers like an expert agent. It delivers accurate and personalized answers while effectively resolving issues.
  • Social Media Management
    With Astute SRM, you gain direct and meaningful insight into the issues, needs, opinions and sentiment of your consumers, and the tools to engage with them when appropriate. Our social media management solution continuously monitors social media conversations for relevant conversations about your products, services and brands, while automatically filtering out the “noise.”