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Customer Support

Gain customer retention strategies and reduce contact center costs with Astute Solutions

Great customer support might just be the easiest avenue to winning happy customers. And as you are probably aware, happy customers are your greatest asset. They buy from you, they bundle with you. They will recommend that friends, families, co-workers and neighbors do the same.

At Astute Solutions, our Customer Experience Management solutions are designed to help you reward customers with outstanding experiences and show them that you’re listening – an advantage that can help you:

  • Reduce cost while improving consumer satisfaction and retention
  • Maintain a high standard of quality and responsiveness across multiple support channels
  • Provide effective, compelling, and branded self service
  • Detect problems faster, identify their root causes and communicate important updates to affected consumer

Because great customer support management leads to a raving group of fans

  • Reduce costs, increase quality and improve delivery: In the world of customer support, you’re contending with vast amounts of customer, product, service, and billing data - spread across the entire organization. Our customer experience management solutions simplify consumer interactions. Through a single, easy-to-use interface, your agents have immediate access to relevant data – such as the customer’s contact details, case history, and product information.
  • Empower contact center agents with tools to deliver exceptional service: Your contact center agents serve on the front lines of customer support. Within the ePowerCenter interface, your agents can easily access helpful, contextual information such as scripted answers, graphic images, and full multimedia files.
  • Answer the call for functional, effective, and personalized self-service:  Don’t frustrate your customers with a primitive self-service solution that struggles to answer the most basic questions. Through a simple, text/chat-type interface on your website, our self-service solution enables customers to ask questions the way they prefer—in their “natural language."
  • Address key pain points and discover what your customers are really saying: Our Social Relationship Management (SRM) solution helps you close the gap between gathering social network data and strengthening customer relationships. You’ll identify relevant communications, and understand the impact on your organization. This allows you to proactively engage your audience and identify new opportunities for improved customer support.

View our Goal-Focused Solutions Guide, Deliver Superior Customer Experiences Across All Channels, to learn how we can enable you to guarantee superior experiences for your customers, creating raving fans and ultimately increasing revenue.