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CRM, KMS and Virtual Assistants for IT

Reduce contact center costs and improve call center workflow with Astute Solutions

Let’s be honest. Widespread opinion is that IT companies do not take customer service seriously. Satisfaction studies, social networks, and message boards reinforce this. Negative word-of-mouth is rampant, proving that skeptical, tech-savvy customers are fed-up. They want responsiveness and effective self-service options…resolution. In the world of IT, it’s a crowded market, and loyalty is up for grabs.

In truth, this is a golden opportunity, and Astute Solutions is here to help you capitalize. Operating on the notion that happy customers are your biggest advocates, our Customer Experience, CRM and Social Media Management solutions are designed to offer your IT customers:

  • The option of seeking information/resolution through self-service with access to a representative if needed
  • Your undivided attention and commitment to seeing a problem through to resolution – without detours and repetitive actions
  • The knowledge that you value their business and feedback – best demonstrated through personalized and proactive service, permanently resolving issues and even embracing co-creation

Easy-to-manage customer support software for the IT Professional

Managing a growing array of feature-rich products, gadgets and software requires a powerful knowledge base. And fielding questions specific to model numbers, software versions, and distinct customer issues takes a solution with serious functionality. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) IT solutions move high tech and electronics manufacturers past information-related challenges and the other root causes of sub-standard service:

  • Customer Service and Support
    Through a single, easy-to-use interface, our CRM solutions provide your customer support agents immediate access to relevant data, such as customer contact details and case history—before the interaction even begins.
  • Knowledge Management
    Our RealDialog knowledge management solution provides your contact center agents and customers with fast access to accurate information.
  • Self Service
    Through self-service solutions, customers receive personalized service experience on the Web, 24X7, - providing instant access to accurate information.
  • Social Relationship Management
    Respond to negative customer experiences before they take root. With Astute SRM, you gain a direct line into the opinions, sentiment, and buzz around your brands and products.

Learn how Astute Solutions can help your IT organization remove the strain of managing your CRM applications, and with a lower Total Cost of Ownership in the Goal-Focused Solutions Guide, Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Managing Customer Relationships.