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Industry Articles: Contact Center Best Practices

What Every Marketer Should Know About Knowledge Management

Increase conversion, retention, and revenue.... | CRM Magazine

As marketers, we seldom consider Knowledge Management (KM) a top priority. But it should be. It is how we organize, manage, access, and distribute knowledge to help our customers, constituents, and prospects fulfill their wants and needs, while furthering our business goals. In this Astute Solutions article, you will learn more about how effective KM enables marketers to deliver the right information at the right time, while gaining "voice of the customer" feedback from customers, prospects and employees to drive continuous improvement.



Five Steps to Optimizing Customer Service Via the Contact Center and the Web

Multichannel service study affirms contact center best practices | CRM Magazine

With the proliferation of the Internet and Web platforms, customers now have the ability to interact with service organizations through a wide variety of channels. And a recent survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group revealed that they are taking advantage of their choices. The use of other channels such as email, chat, and website self-service is on the rise.



Am I Getting Through to You?

Leverage consumer insights to ensure your web self-service doesn't lead to dead ends. | CRM Magazine

When implementing a self-service strategy, you'll find the moment of truth to be when customers hit the "support" link on your corporate website. What happens from there can be critical to your company's reputation. Many companies simply choose to appease customers with FAQs, IVRs or keyword-based search boxes. However, the damage these solutions can cause is exceptional when customers can't find the information they are looking for. But it doesn't have to be this way. With a means to effectively analyze customer inputs and identify their needs, you can eliminate the dead ends and wasted time that plague many self-service interactions.



Customer Insight 2.0

Managing Unstructured Data Brings Brilliance to Consumer Insights Initiatives. | CRM Magazine

"Voice of the Customer" initiatives are becoming more common among customer-centric companies. However, one of the key challenges facing them is managing the massive amounts of unstructured data that multi-channel customer service strategies bring. In fact, for most companies, more than 80% of customer-driven data is unstructured. This data can come in the form of email or chat sessions, call recordings, and voice and Web self-service interactions. Learn how companies are addressing these issues by leveraging technology to analyze unstructured, unfiltered questions and dialogs--and gaining unprecedented insight into the true "Voice of the Customer."



Self-Service Effectiveness: Does Yours Measure Up?

A short assessment for taking web self-service from "good enough" to "great." | CRM Magazine

With growing customer expectations surrounding the quality and consistency of service across all communications channels - and the constant pressure to reduce costs - companies cannot afford to deemphasize the importance of quality and effectiveness of their Web self-service channel. How does your current Web self-service solution measure up in these areas? What are the questions you should be asking yourself in determining the effectiveness of your current solution? Is it helping you provide excellent service while reducing costs? How can the latest generation of Web self-service solutions help you? In this CRM Magazine, Astute Solutions sponsored article, you can assess your current self-service strategy to go from "good enough" to "great."



The Virtual Agent and the Live Agent: A Dynamic Duo

Why "conversational" virtual agents are the contact center's best-kept secret. | CRM Magazine

The evolution of web self-service has gone well beyond basic keyword search and FAQ lookups. With heightened customer expectations, it must be in sync with the quality and information of your other service channels, or you face losing customers. Learn how customer-centric companies are engaging their customers in personalized, virtual service conversations, and how this enhances performance in their contact centers.



Winning the Moments of Truth

When it matters most, Knowledge Management protects and promotes your brand. | CRM Magazine

In today's media-rich environment, consumer-focused companies spend billions on building and promoting their brands. Yet many cannot fully protect them. They have significant knowledge gaps where consumer interactions occur because they have not equipped key stakeholders, employees, partners, and their websites with consistent, accurate, and timely information. Knowledge management enables B2C (business-to-consumer) companies to fill these gaps. It is one of the most economical ways to support branding efforts as it furthers promotional initiatives while mitigating risks at the most critical junctures: consumer interaction touch points. Learn how.



Ensuring Consistent, Accurate and Timely Information Delivery Across All Channels

Offer unprecedented customer experiences with the right content management sytem | CRM Magazine

Customer, competitor and cost-related pressures are driving companies of all kinds to implement multi-channel service. And the benefits of implementing multichannel service are significant, including: reducing costs by deflecting calls to lower-cost channels; enabling customers to communicate where and when they choose improve satisfaction; and gaining "voice of the customer" insight that improves the business. But what are the steps to ensuring that your interaction quality and content are consistent across channels?



Extraordinary Journey or Navigation Nightmare?

How Knowledge Management Can Make or Break the Overall Experience. | KMWorld

How you engage a customer when they are asking for guidance over a self-service channel and how you present information can have profound effects on their experience. Learn how utilizing natural language, dialog-based technology engages user in "human-like" conversations to point them to an exact answer -- versus delivering irrelevant answers or overwhelming lists of links that are typical among "traditional" knowledge management solutions.



Is it Live...or is it a Conversational Agent?

Web Self-Service that Blows Away Expectations

Conversational Agents (CA) bring a personal touch to the often impersonal self-service interaction. They also bring high user and customer satisfaction ratings, reduced overall interaction costs and reduced inbound service and support contact volumes. But many customer service professionals and marketers are unaware of what a CA can bring. Instead they opt for FAQ tools and keyword matching search tools to provide online service to their customers. In reality, these tools may increase costs in the form of damaged customer relationships, increased per-incident costs and lost sales. Learn how a CA can transform online service and blow away customer expectations.



Virtual Agents Come Alive

A New Crop of Virtual Agents Offers Enhancements

While early virtual agents may not have met expectations, by not recognizing dialog or key works, a new crop from software providers such as NativeMinds,LiveWire Logic, eGain and KANA, offers better speech recognition and a more "human" appearance. For example, they can adopt language specific parameters and support avatars that show emotion or incarnations of a certain ethnicity or even those that complement a particular branding campaign.



Five Key Outcomes of Social CRM

A Look at the Business Case for Social Media Management

Take a step back.When contemplating social media initiatives, it’s easy to get tunnel vision. The evaluation process narrows to an ROI debate. Before you know it, you are looking at social media as a siloed function instead of looking at the big picture. In this paper, we will “zoom out” to examine the enterprise-wide impact of incorporating social CRM processes and technology.



Customer Relationship Management

Focusing on Customer Satisfaction and Retention

If your organization is still debating the relevance of the social-media “trend,” you have to make a quantum leap—now. Communication has evolved, and you need a framework for identifying relevant communications, proactively serving customers and incorporating their insights into business decisions in real time.

But the move from transactional to interactive service represents a significant cultural change that will be met with resistance. The challenge lies in determining where, when and how to start. Insight like Gartner’s reinforces the need to take social CRM seriously, but only a strong business case and effective project sponsorship can set progress in motion.