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Social Media Management and Consumer Insights Infographics

The Road to Social Customer Care Excellence

Success in social customer care requires a smart, strategic plan that features collaboration across teams and a framework that integrates many different processes. Check out this infographic by Martin Hill-Wilson, author of Delivering Effective Social Customer Service. Also, visit for a Master Class that embraces this new era of Customer Experience.

The Quest for Social Insight

Many organizations struggle to navigate the rapidly expanding sea of social data. For PR firms, it is about offering your clients direction and using social media analysis tools that allow you to access the 3% of social chatter that matters. Stats on social media usage and success in PR agencies as well as upcoming social trends in public relations included.

Making Sense of Social Chatter

97% of chatter on social media offers little to no value to your organization and its goals. So how do you get to the 3% that matters? From Customer Service, Human Resources to Marketing, view this infographic to learn how you can sift through the weeds to integrate valuable social insights throughout your organization.

Building the Intelligent Contact Center

This is your blueprint for the future. 25% of smartphone owners access the internet exclusively via their phone, while 70% of homes still have landlines. While some consumers are moving forward, some are comfortable staying in the past and you have to cater to both. Check out some interesting facts and gain things to consider for your intelligent contact center.

The Recipe for Happy Customers and Raving Fans

Marketing and Customer Service, along with changing customer expectations, have all converted into a new mode of Relationship Marketing. The social customer is engaged on their terms and provided with an experience that best meets their needs.

The Future of the Contact Center

There are technologies coming that will become a staple of customer service efforts. These include SMS chat, Customer Service via video, Smart CRM and others. Jump forward in time and check out this infographic to learn more.

The Evolution of Relationship Marketing

Once upon a time, Customer Service and Marketing embarked on a journey to build a relationship with the customer. Their paths may have begun on opposite sides of the road, but due to changing customer expectations, they are converging in interesting ways. Check out The Evolution of Relaitonship Marketing to learn more.