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Call Center Technology, SRM and KMS Product Brochures


Best-of-Breed CRM and Contact Center Solution

ePowerCenter dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of contact center interactions, enhances consumer relationships, reduces costs, and provides your organization powerful insight into the voice of the consumer. It enables your agents to view, manage and process all interactions through a single, intuitive user interface. The solution provides essential knowledge, data and tools needed to resolve complex issues and deliver high-touch service. Complex processes are streamlined. In addition, ePowerCenter guides your agents through the issue at hand, ensuring that they take the right actions and capture better information.




Knowledge Management System for Customers, Agents and Employees

RealDialog is a knowledge management and self-service solution that enables your Web site visitors, contact center agents, employees and partners to ask a question in their ‘natural’ language - and receive the specific answer, paragraph, Web page, file or place in a document where the answer resides.



RealDialog™ Agent Assist

A Virtual Assistant at your Contact Center Agents’ Fingertips

Through a “virtual expert” accessed via their CRM desktop application or Web browser, RealDialog Agent Assist provides your contact center agents with immediate, accurate and consistent answers to questions. It delivers interactive guidance for resolving issues as they interact with customers over the phone, via email, or through a chat session. New and tenured agents alike handle contacts and resolve issues more quickly—at a higher level of quality. Your service costs sharply decline.



RealDialog™ Self-Service

Effective Web Self-Service for Your Website Visitors and Customers

Through a “virtual assistant” on your website, RealDialog Self-Service assists customers like an expert agent. It delivers accurate and personalized answers while effectively resolving issues. Whether visitors are on your site for service and support, research, or for purchase; the solution ensures they will have a positive and memorable experience.



RealDialog™ Social Assist

Effective Web Self-Service for Your Facebook page

Through a “virtual assistant” on your Facebook page, RealDialog Social Assist allows you to engage with your Facebook fans and consumers 24 hours a day. You are able to respond to questions in a casual tone while offering consistent and accurate information regarding products, services, upcoming events, recalls and more. You gain insight from the questions asked through this social channel as that information is captured and reportable through the Social Assist learner.




RealDialog™ Portal Assist

Intelligent “Virtual Assistant” for your Employees and Partners

Through a “virtual assistant” on your corporate Intranet and/or secure website portal, RealDialog Portal Assist provides your employees and partners with direct answers, documents, interactive guidance, and real-time data from a wide variety of sources. They receive the precise information they need to answer questions, follow best practices and procedures, assist customers, solve problems, and take appropriate action. Productivity sharply rises while training and support costs decline.



Astute SRM

Listen, Understand, Analyze and Engage via One Integrated Social Relationship Management Solution

With our Social CRM tool, you can gather customer sentiments from the world of social media and quickly engage them in a meaningful conversation.



Customer Interaction Center ® (CIC)

Unified Contact Center Platform

Customer Interaction Center provides extensive multi-channel interaction management, call control, telephony, intelligent routing and queuing, workforce management, automation capabilities, and more. It unifies the operations of PBX/IP-PBX, ACD, IVT, IVR, CTI middleware, fax server, and voicemail systems—all within a single, software-based communications platform. You’ll gain extensive capabilities that enhance the customer experience, boost efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs and technological complexity.



ePowerCenter™ Interaction

Integrated Interaction and Case Management Software

ePowerCenter Interaction seamlessly joins the advanced customer relationship management functionality of ePowerCenter with the Customer Interaction Center unified communication platform. ePowerCenter users gain a single interface with embedded controls for managing and tracking phone, fax, email, and Web-based interactions; managing and viewing status; transferring and escalating calls; and more. They instantly receive information about the caller and case via screen pop and combined case/call transfers. The solution boosts agent and contact center performance for improved customer satisfaction, while simplifying reporting, system management and upgrades.



RealDialog™ Multilingual Capabilities

Multilingual Solution for Knowledge Management and Web Self-Service

For most companies, it’s challenging enough to ensure the information delivered to customers across channels is accurate and consistent. Information silos, technology limitations, lack of training and more are barriers to success. In addition, most companies lack resources with the fluency and bandwidth required to translate and address customer questions as they are posed 24/7, across channels in multiple languages. RealDialog helps companies overcome these challenges and delivers consistent, accurate and timely answers on the Web, through the contact center, and through email, chat and mobile channels. And now with multilingual capabilities, it can address customer ques- tions from across the world.



Contact Center Telephony

An easy, affordable and available solution for contact centers that turns technology headaches into a profit engine

Astute’s contact center suite offers a robust solution that significantly reduces the complexity associated with operating call centers, offers a level of dynamic scalability that preserves the customer experience even in high demand periods and delivers far better value than many other solutions. The bottom line is that Astute helps companies drive their bottom line — increase conversion, productivity, and sales.


Astute SOS

Break down barriers frustrating online customers and reduce abandoned shopping carts by offering instant online customer asssistance with Astute SOS

The plug-and-play technology requires no new software of expensive retrofits of existing contact center technology. A simple “click to call” widget, Astute SOS routes direct to either a standard phone number or a SIP URL as a voice or video call. Each call can be tagged with a unique number identifier.


Astute Intuition

Put all your vital customer feedback to work for your brand

With Astute Intuition™, customer feedback from any source is read, analyzed and reported to the right people in your organization instantly. Intuition uses Astute's proprietary Natural Language Processing and Grammar Tree Parsing technologies to read and analyze every customer comment in the proper context.


Astute Insights

Transform all your customer data into meaningful dashboards and reports

Your customers want to tell you how to make them happy. All you need are the tools to listen. Astute Insights transforms all your customer data from multiple sources to help you build better relationships. And it automates the current monthly manual developments and delivery of your departmental and executive reporting.


ePowerCenter Mobile

Taking Customer Service Directly to the Source with Mobile CRM Solutions

Astute Solution’s mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, ePowerCenterTM Mobile, offers your field agents, remote employees and retail staff the right information - at the right time – allowing them to respond and report to each of your customers unique demands in real-time.