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    Why Digital Communications are Changing Healthcare

    Healthcare 2.0 has arrived! Watch


    Becoming a Data Savvy PR Firm

    Utilizing social media data to drive better business actions Watch

    Is your firm leveraging social media data to provide meaningful insights for clients?  If not, you may be leaving money on the table.

    For most PR Firms today, providing social media counsel is merely table stakes.  The data savvy firms are excelling because they are doing more than just monitoring social activity – they are helping clients navigate through the chatter and providing them with the information and insights they need to compete.

    View Becoming a Data Savvy PR Firm, a webinar sponsored by Astute Solutions (in partnership with the Council of PR Firms) that features case studies that demonstrate how social customer data and social media analysis can provide a powerful brand management force within any organization.

    Join us to learn about:
    •    The impact social media insights have on everyday business operations
    •    Turning social data into actionable information
    •    The growing role of customer service in social media channels
    •    Client budgeting related to social media data collection /analysis
    •    More efficient social media data collection /analysis methods

    Tara Clark, Consumer Affairs Social Strategist at ConAgra Foods, ConAgra Foods
    Pat Lilja, Director of e-Strategies, Tunheim Partners
    Moderated by the Council of PR Firms and Astute Solutions



    Preventing the Return and Achieving Customer Service Excellence

    How much money is your company losing product returns? Watch

    So often consumers purchase products only to realize they don't know how to use them, leading quickly to a return. Your call center agents become the last line of defense in these scenarios. They either enable returns with lack of knowledge and poor return mitigation, or they prevent returns by resolving problems and providing exceptional experience. In this webinar recording you will learn:

    • Best practices for hiring better agents
    • How to drive efficiency through metrics
    • How to enable exceptional customer experiences with technology



    Optimize Your CRM ROI: The Children's Place Case Study

    Maximize your CRM investment for improved efficiencies and satisfaction. Watch

    For specialty retailer, The Children's Place, increased sales growth meant the need for expanded operations and optimized technology investment. They elected a long-term relationship with outsourcing partner, 24-7 Intouch, to hit these objectives.

    Leveraging their existing CRM solution, 24-7 Intouch provided them a one-stop shop for integrated and optimized labor and technology. They have experienced some significant results and continue to do so. View the webinar to learn best practices on how to achieve such results.



    Expertly Manage Your Social Customer Experience

    Create an effective Social Customer Experience. Watch

    McDonalds Customer Satisfaction and Social Media Manager, Kim Musgrave, discusses how you can leverage your proven customer management practices to create an efffective Social Customer Experience.

    View this recording and learn to:

    • Implement best practice strategies for identifying and archiving customer complains posted with social networks
    • Efficiently allocate resources to customer issues that require personalized attention
    • Monitor fallout from unresolved customer service issues in order to proactively mitigate negative branding across the social spectrum
    • And more



    When Can you Deem Your Social CRM Strategy Successful?

    Learn metrics, benefits, ROI for Social CRM and more. Watch

    Windmill Marketing's President, Neal Schaeffer, discusses:

    • How do you define a successful Social CRM strategy?
    • What metrics should be used to determine a successful Social CRM strategy?
    • When should tangible benefits be realized after implementing an initiative?
    • And more



    Developing the Business Case for Customer Experience Management

    Strativity Group and Astute Solutions bring you the CEM Boot Camp #2 Watch

    Learn to translate Customer Experience into the universal corporate language that will allow you to gain senior leadership buy-in, budget, and the resources necessary to accomplish your goals.



    Getting Started on Your Customer Experience Journey

    Strativity Group and Astute Solutions bring you the CEM Boot Camp #1 Watch

    Put your customer experience strategy on the fast–path to success. Tap into the collective expertise of Strativity Group's Lior Arussy and Lori Angalich from Astute Solutions to gain insights including how to:

    • Define and unify the organization
    • Prioritize customer demands
    • Operate as a customer–centric organization
    • Build an effective CEM strategy framework
    • And more



    The Collaborative Customer Experience

    Inspiring Loyalty, Driving Profitability Watch

    You can drive positive change by treating your customers as partners and co-creators to enhance future experiences. Join us for an in-depth look at "The Collaborative Customer Experience: Inspiring Loyalty, Driving Profitability" led by Lior Arussy, president, Strativity Group, Inc. and supported by Lori Angalich, vice president of marketing, Astute Solutions.



    Customer Management IQ Webcast with Aberdeen Group and Astute Solutions: Delivering 5 Star Multichannel Service

    A guide to best-in-class strategies, technologies and results Watch

    March 2010 Webcast. Join Astute Solutions and Aberdeen Group for this informative webcast on delivering effective customer service across multiple interaction channels. Webcast moderated by Customer Management IQ.



    CRM Magazine: Great Support on a Tight Budget Webcast

    Hear four different strategies on providing better support through better interactions. Watch

    Customer expectations are drastically changing. The ability to quickly and easily find information on the Internet about a company and its products and competitors has made customers more empowered, more knowledgeable, and more demanding. They want to interact through their preferred communication channel.

    And when they do, they want to receive and share information quickly and easily with their vendors and peers. In a difficult financial climate, however, companies are forced to cut costs, stay competitive, and meet more challenging customer support demands. It sounds like an unsolvable problem, but it's not. In fact, there’s more than one solution.

    Join Astute Solutions, Cincom Systems, Lithium Technologies, and Tealeaf in a roundtable discussion, covering four different strategies to improve customer support. In this Webinar you will learn ways to:

    • Deliver effective mulitchannel customer service
    • Integrate customer self-service and agent-assisted service
    • Leverage Web 2.0 technology to improve customer relationships
    • Build a support community with your most knowledgeable customers
    • Provide agents with immediate access to all relevant customer information
    • Improve customer reporting and analytics
    • Minimize escalations with more informed customer service
    • Reduce customer disputes with indisputable online interaction records
    • Cut costs and complexity of customer interactions
    • Gain insight on the voice of your customers
    • Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy



    Simplified, Streamlined and Empowered

    How Unilever Transformed Consumer Services into a Strategic Asset Watch

    In this case study presentation, Linnea Johnson will highlight Unilever's two-year transformation from dealing with disparate systems, multiple applications, reporting limitations, information access challenges and mounting expenditures to reaping the benefits of new, fully-integrated technologies.