A 2-Minute Intro to Astute Solutions

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Drive loyalty throughout the customer journey with the world’s smartest consumer engagement software. Watch the 2-minute video below to learn more.

It’s a simple concept, but a powerful one: People want to talk like people. They expect talking to your brand to be as easy as talking with their friends. This drives your customers to want smarter communication. After all, everything else is smart these days: smart cars, smartphones, smart homes… it’s time for customer communication to catch up. Your customers want you to understand what they need, without having to fill out another form, hunt through an FAQ, or “Press 1 to talk to a representative.” They want a conversation with your brand that feels fluid and natural, no matter how they communicate with you. And giving your customers what they want should be taken seriously – research shows that consumers value excellent service even more than the product itself.

To improve communication and drive loyalty, your brand needs more than smart: it needs Astute Solutions. Our consumer engagement software will delight your customers, empower agents and provide the actionable insights your company needs to stay competitive. With our patented natural language processing, your customers can communicate on their terms. the technology understands, converses and finds the answer. Bots powered by artificial narrow intelligence handle repetitive service tasks, and use deep learning to continuously improve. If needed, issues can be seamlessly escalated to a live agent who already has all the context – no more starting over. Customers can have true omni-channel conversations, spanning email, web chat, voice, video, social, and mobile, without agents ever leaving our single, streamlined interface.

Astute Solutions builds intelligent software solutions for the world’s best brands, enhancing engagement with their customer communities by contextually blending human and artificial intelligence. Astute’s technology enables companies to provide more efficient customer service, protect their brands, and increase customer loyalty. With a focus on driving results for Consumer Relations, Customer Service, and Marketing teams, Astute has spent 20 years refining our software solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

In today’s multi-channel, always-on world of consumer engagement, Astute is positioned as an industry expert actively innovating across the customer experience (CX) space with social media listening, smart knowledge management systems and a constant push to improve our core technologies. We’re using our consumer affairs heritage to springboard into the future of CX, leveraging ANI and machine learning to ensure each customer touchpoint delivers an exceptional experience. Astute is trusted by some of the world’s largest consumer brands, including McDonald’s, Domino’s, McCormick & Co, and British Airways.

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