Jun 17, 2014

What is Customer Churn Costing You?

Acquiring a new customer is at least five times more expensive than making a sale to an already existing customer. One of the best ways to limit churn is with customer service that distinguishes you from other businesses.
Jun 03, 2014

So Much Consumer Data and Not a Clue What to Do With It—Part 2

As we discussed in part one of this series, the ability to compile and analyze big data can have a significant impact on every aspect of a business. Now that we have established the importance of the information being made available by today’s technology, it’s time to take a look at how to make sense of it all.
Jun 23, 2014

Social Media Problems: Justifying Your Social Media Efforts

For the past eight years, brands have flocked to reach their customers through social media networks, setting up business pages, pushing out content, working tirelessly to drive engagement. But what is it all for?