Jul 18, 2017

Customer Touch Points: 4 Simple Steps for Improving Experiences

If you're like a lot of CX professionals, you know there are touch points along the customer journey that need improvement -- but revamping the whole customer journey can feel like a massive undertaking. One way to approach such a task is by breaking it down into smaller pieces. Instead of addressing the entire customer journey at once, choose a single customer touch point to start with.
Jul 04, 2017

Delight Your Customers with Live Chat Support

In today's age of technology, the way we communicate has shifted. People are not just interacting differently among family and friends, but the channels where they engage with brands have changed as well.
Jul 07, 2017

5 Ways to Get 5 Stars by Responding to Online Reviews

When’s the last time you bought something online without reading at least one review? Customers now expect reviews to be available for every product or service they’re researching, and 84% trust that feedback as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. Despite the crucial role of online reviews in the purchase process, though, many companies still dedicate little or no time to managing them.
Jul 13, 2017

Mobility as a Service: Why Automakers Need to Take the Plunge

Question: What keeps automakers up at night? If your answer doesn't include "Millennials aren't buying cars like the generations before them," it should. This generation of consumers still expects great cars. But they are looking for more. In order to succeed, automakers must evolve from car companies to mobility providers.
Jul 12, 2017

How to Use Technology to Protect Your Brand From a Crisis

In every Consumer Relations professional’s perfect world, crises don't exist. There are no poor product launches, no viral negative customer experiences, no recalls. There are only happy customers sharing their amazing experience with your brand and recommending your products and services for all the world to see. But...stuff happens.
Jul 21, 2017

Building Brand Resonance: How to Win with Agile Marketing

Even if you meet customers' rising demands, they still might leave you for someone slightly better. Instead of trying to perfect every aspect of your business, it’s time to change the game. Remember that most consumers make emotional, not practical, purchase decisions. The objective of your marketing efforts should be making your brand resonate so they choose you at that critical moment.
Jul 24, 2017

4 Practical Ways to Prevent a Regulatory Nightmare

CPG manufacturers are being asked to comply with constantly changing regulations. And failing to comply with requirements can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, delayed product launches, decreased customer satisfaction, and negative press. So what's a CPG to do?
Jul 25, 2017

7 Steps for Managing Adverse Events in Social Media

There are a number of practical use cases for pharma companies to monitor social media: evaluating industry trends, conducting competitor analysis, monitoring product feedback, or tracking product safety concerns. Regardless of the goals of social listening projects, all initiatives have one element in common – adverse events (AEs).