5 Awesome Ways You’ll Benefit from Social CRM

using twitter on smartphone as example of social crm


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Monitoring social media gives you visibility into millions of conversations taking place every day. The ability to listen to what customers are saying about you, your brands, products, and services is incredibly beneficial.

But by itself, social media does not offer insight into how you can improve customer relationships, service, products, or operations. You need a social CRM program with the right tools, people, and processes in place if you hope to bridge the gap between gathering social data and strengthening customer relationships. As a result of implementing the software, here are five ways you will benefit.

1. Gain direct and meaningful customer insight

Trying to gain insight from a never-ending flow of information is pointless without the right tools. Using natural language processing (NLP), social listening gives you the ability to discern meaning and intent behind customer comments and questions. This helps in identifying what is relevant and urgent from all the noise. As a result, a direct line is established between company and customer and can get you from “what” to “why” in discovering how to better serve customers.

2. Reduce costs while increasing engagement

It is near impossible to have your staff respond to every social communication that mentions your company, products, or services. Even so, you want customers to have the ability to escalate to a live agent when needed. One of the benefits of a social CRM program is integration of social media sites with CRM and knowledge management solutions to offer a “divide and conquer” strategy. When combined, these tools give your business the ability to define which types of interactions require immediate action and then specify which department or representative to send it to.

3. Deliver market leading products and services

If you want to reduce costs, increase sales, and expand market share, bring your customers into the product development process. With social listening, you can understand and analyze real-time social media conversations. This includes identifying product design flaws, discovering emerging trends, and keeping an eye on the competition.

4. Promote and protect your brand

The strength of your brand is what gives you a competitive edge. Social CRM programs provide the benefit of tracking your brand in real time with custom dashboards, NLP, and advanced analytics. Access to this valuable insight enhances the success of your marketing campaigns and public relations efforts. Through this insight, you can figure out where you need to take action to protect your brand or gauge how effective campaigns or product improvements are.

5. Create an agile enterprise

In the era of customer empowerment, customers are emboldened by social media. To address this, you want to be flexible to customer feedback and adjust your products and services accordingly. As a benefit of social CRM programs, the customer is aligned with the contact center and the business. Costs go down, and operations become more efficient.

Here is how different departments benefit from using the software:

  • Customer service takes action to build customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Supply chain employees are alerted to inventory issues, allowing for elimination of delays, costs, and errors
  • In a fraction of the time, marketing has acquired better intelligence to enact research
  • Negative issues can now be identified quicker by brand managers, who can now respond faster
  • In less time and at a lower cost, product development designs products for real market needs
  • Quality managers can identify risks in real time to alleviate issues, contain problems, alert customers impacted, and control costs

Astute Social intelligently filters through noise to find the most relevant and actionable conversation, integrating with CRMs to provide seamless customer engagement and provide voice of the customer insights. Interested in learning more? Request a demo.

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