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6 Reasons to Get Excited about Astute Agent 10

Astute Agent 10, the latest version of Astute's industry-leading consumer engagement CRM, is now available. Formerly known as ePowerCenter, Astute Agent has the features customers love from ePowerCenter and Wilke CRS – plus new features for enhanced agent efficiency, better configurability, and easier compliance with consumer privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Here are six reasons to get excited about this new version of our award-winning consumer engagement software:

1. Agent productivity

When agents have the tools they need to quickly and confidently resolve each case, everybody wins - costs go down, satisfaction goes up, and companies see improvement in metrics like handle time and first contact resolution. Astute Agent offers case workflow features like next best action, auto-populated case fields, an integrated agent knowledgebase, and auto-generation of email responses to keep consumer care teams moving forward.

2. Easier compliance with consumer privacy laws

New consumer privacy compliance features in Astute Agent allow administrators to configure processes according to their interpretation of regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others, giving you more flexibility as the regulations continue to evolve. And unlike the simple redaction process used by most CRMs on the market, Astute Agent allows you to redact consumer PII from the system without losing valuable case data that could skew reporting on complaints and other product feedback.

3. New functionality for SMS

Astute's case management CRM has always been designed to centralize all contact channels into a single agent interface, but new enhanced workflows for SMS/texting make it even easier for agents to engage with consumers on this increasingly popular channel.

4. Browser independence

Astute Agent offers the flexibility to work in the browser of your choice.

5. New survey features

Improved survey capabilities, which leverage Astute's award-winning chatbot solution, allow for a friendlier, more conversational engagement to collect consumer feedback on their experience with your products, locations, service quality, and more.

6. Enhanced quality assurance for cases

A new, highly flexible quality assurance tool lets you speed up case QA and improve data quality. By giving you more precise control over what areas of the case you want to prioritize reviewing, these new features ensure your most important case data is accurate and reliable.


Learn more in the press release about the new launch. Astute customers can find release notes in the Customer Center. For customers running the latest version of ePowerCenter, Astute Agent 10 is already available to you. For customers on previous versions of ePowerCenter or Wilke CRS, connect with your Customer Success Manager to determine whether the latest version is the best fit for you.