6 Tips to Increase Your Brand’s Social Influence

man working on laptop to increase social media influence

The influence that brands have over consumers via social media channels has been increasing at a rapid rate since the proliferation of social media started about a decade ago. Yet, a few brands that have not proactively managed their social channels have found that their offline branding simply carried over into a successful online social media profile. Case in point: Apple inc. never posts a single thing on their Facebook page but has still managed to garner 10 million likes since 2011.

This often leaves brand managers wondering what more they should be doing to achieve rockstar status influence on their company pages. While there is no secret formula for becoming wildly influential amongst consumers, there are many tips and tricks to optimize and prime your brand for increasing influence in the social sphere.

Here are six ways brand managers, customer service reps, and marketers alike can increase their influence:

1. Talk about more than your own brand.
Good community managers know that consumers want information and entertainment on social media channels – not hard sales tactics. Post interesting, relevant articles, pictures, and facts to create a diverse page. Consumers will be much more likely to interact with a well-rounded brand.

2. Be proactive.
Many brands make the mistake of simply posting information and responding to customer inquiries on their brand’s page. To increase your influence, show consumers that you care about what they say – ask questions about what they like, want, and need. After they answer, be sure to reward them for their participation by actually giving the people the features, content, and answers they’ve most frequently asked for!

3. (But also be reactive.)
Make sure that you respond to each and every customer interaction. Thank people for liking/following your page, highlight positive comments, and definitely respond in a timely manner to any question or issue. By staying active and highly involved, you’ll show your consumers that they matter to your brand.

4. Don’t just share – offer your opinion/stance.
When you share an article that’s been written by someone else, there’s no incentive for anyone to interact with your brand over the author of the article if you haven’t added any additional insight. Add your own thoughts to the post to foster responses, debate, and engagement.

5. Let your personality shine through.
If you haven’t already, make sure your company has a brand persona that can shine through in every outward facing message. Consumers use social media to be… social! Make sure you aren’t too detached to relate to your customers.

6. Provide value.
More than half of consumers who engage with brands online do so with the expectation that they’ll be rewarded with coupons, promotions, or other exclusive perks. Don’t make your social media behaviour completely sales-focused – offer your engaged customers something to make social interactions worth their time!

Astute Solutions offers a range of solutions to help brands improve their customer engagement capabilities. These include;

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Mobile – a mobile application is downloaded to a customer’s smartphone or tablet and enables them to interact with your company whenever and wherever they choose.

SMS – customers can send messages to your contact centre and receive replies about their queries.

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