A Smarter Way to Serve [Video]

The day-to-day life of a contact center employee is not all sunshine and rainbows — they’re on the front lines with angry customers all day, every day. As if this wasn’t enough, 71% of them believe complicated systems and inefficient tools make their jobs even harder. For Larry, a (fictional) contact center employee, this struggle is real. Watch the video above to view a typical customer call from his perspective, and learn how to improve the experience for employees and customers alike.

Just like most of his fellow contact center agents, Larry often struggles to match customer’s in the database, especially if their name has a unique spelling. He wishes the system was smart enough to suggest the correct customer as he types, which would speed up the interaction and prevent him from creating a duplicate record. He also frequently has to put customers on hold while he filters through hundreds of different product SKUs. If the system was able to recommend SKUs as he typed, he would waste so much less time! Lastly, he’s often frustrated by the fact that he has to ask every customer the same questions regardless of their issue, because his CRM isn’t smart enough to customize required fields based on the customer’s reason for contacting.

If Larry could design the CRM himself, the system would intelligently recommend information to him as he types and customize what information is needed based on the situation. He would be less frustrated and able to move more quickly — and in turn, provide better service to his customers.

Astute ePowerCenter is the CRM your agents would have built (if they weren’t already busy serving customers). Our technology reduces frustration and speeds up issue resolution with smarter data entry, streamlines customer interactions within any channel, and even provides in-context guidance for agents. Schedule a personalized demo to see ePowerCenter in action.