Applying Technology to Your Growth Plan

Earlier this year, Gartner released the results of a CEO and Senior Executive survey, which showed that businesses are currently undergoing a ‘risk-on’ period where the perceived risk for investment in technology is lower and they are now forging ahead with their plans for growth.

“In 2014 growth almost equals the sum of the next three issues on the list of top strategic business priorities. The next step will be for CEOs and CIOs to work together to match the use of modern technologies to the specific kind of growth that the business is trying to win.”

Of all IT-related targets, the survey highlighted that digital, online, social, cloud and mobile technologies remain high on the list and are likely to stay there for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, compliance and regulation are also top of mind amongst the executives as global markets merge and trade agreements open up new and increasingly complex territories.

The survey also indicated a higher level of engagement from the senior board with technology and digital strategies – possibly the largest since the 1990s.

“Make the tough choices. Be prepared to cut back in areas that represent the old pre-digital ways of doing business. Don’t allow too much fragmentation across sales, marketing, digital, IT and other budgets to obscure the view and reduce directional control.”

So how can organisations heed this advice and make the right investment in their future?

At Astute Solutions we believe that knowing the voice of your customer plays a key role in any organisational growth plan. Without the right insights into your market, you’re working in the dark. Social technologies are forming an ever-increasing element of organisations’ digital strategies. Here’s how:

On the same page as your customer.

Understanding the voice of your customer means being a part of their online social communities, in a non-sales, non-confronting way. Do they prefer video product demos or consumer forums? Do they share their life on Instagram or say it with words on Twitter? Having this key information will help you to define your digital strategy.

Listen, listen, contribute, listen.

Customers no longer trust whatever brands tell them about their products like they may have done in the past. With the access to numerous sources of information, consumers can find out everything about your company and your product (as well as your competitor’s) product at the click of a button. It’s therefore vital that your organisation listens more than you talk and contributes only meaningful, relevant information at the appropriate time.

Be ready, whatever the platform.

With technology changing at such a fast pace, the systems, tools and apps your customers use today, could be obsolete in the next few years. So, your digital strategy needs to be set up in such a way that allows your team to easily and quickly assess the importance of new trends, and adopt them smoothly if needed. This kind of agility and innovation will become key to your organisation’s ability to remain relevant to your customer.

Have the right tools.

Astute Solutions offers a range of solutions that enable organisations to capture and understand the voice of their customers:

Live agent chat – your customers talk to a ‘real’ person in your contact centre by typing their messages into an embedded tool on your website, or social media page.

Virtual Agents – the first point of contact for customers with many leading organisations, virtual agents can be used by mobile and web customers as well as internal customer-support staff to quickly locate relevant product information. Learn more about Astute Knowledge Web Assist and AgentAssist.

Social – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, blogs etc. Customers interact with your brand through social sharing posts and updates, liking, conversations, pictures and videos. Learn more about Astute Social Relationship Management (SRM).

Mobile – a mobile application is downloaded to a customer’s smartphone or tablet and enables them to interact with your company whenever and wherever they choose.

SMS – customers can send messages to your contact centre and receive replies about their queries.

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