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Bots and Humans: Working Together for Smarter CX [Video]

Your customers have more options than ever for communicating with your brand, like email, web chat, social media, and more. Consumers prefer to begin conversations with their friends in chat, so they expect the same immediacy and ease when communicating with your company.  

To deal with rising customer expectations, many companies are implementing Artificial Narrow Intelligence, or ANI, which is when a computer program is smart enough to do one thing really well. ANI can crawl through terabytes of data to bring your customer the exact answer they need at the moment they need it. In fact, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with your enterprise without ever interacting with a human (based on research from Gartner).

Smart brands will use bots to handle their high volumes of simple customer requests, which frees up their agents to do what bots can't. Watch the video above to see how bots and humans can work together to provide an exceptional customer experience.

When chatbots are used with intention and creativity, they can provide a radical and beneficial change to how you provide service, and also to how you market your brand and your products.