Creating Self-Service Content Users Really Want

man and woman browsing tablet engaging with self-service chatbot

Do you know what kind of digital experience your brand could provide if your website knew what consumers are looking for and the questions they have?

Brands that can deliver a great consumer experience are able to do so because they develop content around the user’s needs, not on what happens to be available. Organizations have a tendency to build out content for web self-service based on what they already have available on their website or information they have from incoming contacts to the call center.

Using the existing information to create an initial starter set of content is useful, but only a starting point. Delivering a great web experience is about being able to capture what consumers are asking for in real time and being able to react quickly to build and deploy that content they are requesting. Providing new content that doesn’t currently exist in any public format is critical to building a web self-service offering that users want to engage with and come back to use time and time again. 

How can you make this happen?

Organizations can use many of the new automated learning features that advanced knowledge management systems offer to understand and report back what consumers are asking for. 

By actively listening and monitoring the topics that the users are interested in, and then being responsive to their needs, organizations can enhance their knowledge base timely and effectively, ultimately building brand loyalty while serving the customer.

Ready to get started? A best practice is to implement machine-learning techniques to look for patterns of missing or hard-to-find content, and then take steps to provide that content and make it easy to find.   Adding content should be simple and fast, including the ability to have it reviewed and approved for public consumption.

Don’t guess at what content needs to be available. Build relevant content that users are asking for.

At Astute, we think self-service is a valuable tool that not only cuts costs but increases customer satisfaction and sales. With Astute Knowledge, our patented learning tool integrated with our authoring capabilities allow you to see the content your customers are asking for and build it quickly and efficiently.