Creating the Dominos Effect

dominos pizza in boxes


When you’re deciding which pizza to order for dinner do you search through the drawer of old menus, do a quick online search for some inspiration or, like an increasing number of customers, take to Twitter and enter a question or search for a hashtag to get the answer you’re looking for?

World-renowned pizza delivery company, Domino’s, has recognized and leveraged this trend by using Astute’s Social Relationship Management (SRM) software so they can monitor customer behavior and respond in real-time as soon as anyone (including Miley Cyrus) asks ‘which pizza should we get tonight?’

“Astute Social makes it much easier to find and engage with customers just as they’re getting ready to order a pizza, so our contact center is becoming a real-time marketing operation,” said Terri Haffey, manager of customer care at Domino’s. 

How did Dominoes increase social customer interaction by 128%? Click to read the full case study

Social Relationship Management (SRM) can help you to increase your customer interaction by:

  • Notifying your team when specific issues, words or phrases are mentioned amongst your online community so you can respond immediately
  • Uncovering the sentiment and emotion behind customers’ social posts – allowing you to understand their needs
  • Providing competitive analysis so you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Monitoring threats to your brand based on company, industry or product keywords
  • Identifying the root causes of problems, changes in customer preferences, and opportunities where customer needs are not being met – all in real-time

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