Customer Engagement in the Mobile Moment

smiling customer engagement on mobile symbolizing customer service goals and objectives being accomplished

Epictetus, the stoic Greek philosopher, once said, “God gave man two ears but only one mouth, that he might hear twice as much as he speaks.” One has to wonder what Epictetus would say now in the 24/7, hyper-connected flow of content via social media and seemingly unlimited entertainment streaming?!

We only need to walk into any coffee shop, restaurant, or bar to see the results of such connectivity. Instead of ears, it’s now two eyes; one mouth is now the equivalent of two thumbs. A mobile device in a “heads down” culture is now our primary means of communication.

The next time you’re out in public, you can see for yourself exactly what I’m referring to by “heads down” – you’ll find many people will be staring intently at their handheld devices. There’s less interest in communicating with the strangers and friends in their presence and more so in connecting with people virtually. These individuals are texting friends, emailing, checking their social media feeds, or posting to their online communities.

All brands should take note of the shift in communication from personal to online. Consumers’ relatively recent preference for all things virtual presents a tremendous opportunity for impact through mobile marketing campaigns.  Meeting them where they are (on their mobile device) can significantly impact the experience they have with your brand.

Real-time Customer Reviews

People are literally providing product and business service reviews in real time – as their brand interactions are happening. If they waited in a long line at a coffee shop, they’re going to tweet about it. If they had poor service at your restaurant, they’re going to tell hundreds of friends on Facebook. If they’re having a great time at your bar, they’re going to demonstrate that to their community with a picture on Instagram – while STILL in the bar.

Organizations paying close attention can strategically influence these experiences by interacting with their prospects and customers at exactly the right time. Having a robust, intuitive social listening and monitoring tool that will provide you with the in-depth analysis and ability to publish, gives your business the best opportunity to optimize your marketing and customer service efforts to grow your business.

What better way to talk to potential customers at the exact point that they’re ready to make a purchase – or to curb potential brand threats before they go viral?

If you’re not tuned in, maybe it’s time you start!