Customer Interaction Through Chat: 3 Reasons to Start Using Chat for Customer Service

illustration of human and ai brains

[Estimated read time: 3 minutes]

Let’s travel back to the last time you were handling a product and needed some help. Not only were you likely frustrated or upset over dealing with the issue at hand, but were struck with that feeling of dread over picking up the phone and calling customer service. You’re not alone! Nearly 3 out of 4 consumers would prefer to tackle customer service issues on their own and nearly a third of all customers would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service.

The truth is that customer interaction is important now more than ever, with customers wanting to know they can trust you as a brand and have a relationship that ultimately is beneficial for both of you. But if picking up the phone scares potential customers away, what do you do? Many companies are starting to recognize this trend and are implementing a method of communicating through customer communication software in the form of chat. Here are three reasons why using chat is great for customer service. 

Reason 1: Chat is Convenient for the Customer

Not only is chat a welcome break from the 1-800 numbers many companies have used in the past, but it is extremely convenient for customers. They can be connected to someone instantly through the customer communication software and the conversation can be done on their time and in a channel they are comfortable using. Not convinced? The numbers speak for themselves…

Through chat, customers have access to a service that allows them to quickly resolve issues and do so in a simpler fashion that ultimately improves the overall experience. 

Reason 2: Chat is More Conversational and Friendly

Customers are interested in using a service that is most commonly found in their everyday lives. Leveraging these tools for customer service puts customers in a familiar method of communication (it’s what they use to talk to friends and family, after all) and it allows for faster communication in a channel they prefer over being forced to make a phone call or write an email, particularly for quick troubleshooting.

Graphic of two brains interacting as in customer interactions with a chatbot

Providing an omni-channel customer experience through customer interaction software allows for that relationship they want with you. When they encounter an issue or have a question, they need to be met with a welcoming way to engage and a more organic way of communicating. When you have this model of two-way communication, you can share and react to information in real-time and drive the conversation in a meaningful way, delivering better customer experiences.

Reason 3: Chat Can Help Identify Transition Points

Because chat is the simplest means of resolving quick issues in a friendly way, many brands are starting to awaken to this realization that customer service chat software is the way to go. Yet there are still many who have not successfully implemented a chat-based communication channel. Understanding how your customers like to interact with you by mapping the customer journey is critical to predicting how they are likely to progress through the channels of chat, voice, and video. It can identify transition points and help facilitate communication to better your relationships both proactively and reactively.

Let’s use the example of an airline: You know that customers are going to compare your rates against those of your competitors online. With the usage of online chat, either through a live agent or a bot, proactive customer communication can save the sale.

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