Do Your Social Media Listening Tools Have Selective Hearing?

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It’s poker night. Your friends are coming over and beverages are on ice. You pull out your poker set, and you only have half a deck of cards! Without a full deck, there are no flushes to be had, no bluffs to be pulled, and no opportunities to fold or go all-in. Poker night is a bust.

All too often, brands can run a similar risk of ineffective social engagement when necessary information is missing. Social conversations relevant to your brand occur on various platforms all the time, and not always on social media sites. These “unstructured” platforms include blogs, forums, message boards or comments on non-social media websites.

While it’s time-intensive and impractical to manually search and find—let alone address—these interactions, on the other hand, most social media management tools only pull structured data from social media platforms, and ignore the rest of the unstructured web.

So how can you be sure you are making informed decisions about your brand’s social engagement if your social media management tools can’t listen past social media and scan the web for more comprehensive information?

Let the technology do the work.

True social listening is the sum of hearing and interpretation. Astute’s social media management solution has a custom-built web crawler not found in any other tool that thoroughly examines the web. The web crawler has a unique natural language processor that is able to understand unstructured data on blogs, forums, or message boards like the structured data available on social media sites.

Upon crawling the web on your brand’s behalf, Astute Social interprets and presents this information in a consistently understandable and manageable way within the tool. This allows you, the user, to make more informed decisions to prioritize and take action on the most important posts, leading to more effective social engagement.

It may be overwhelming to think that there is more information about your brand than what you can glean from social media. But there’s no way to get a straight flush when you are missing cards. It’s easier and more effective to make decisions about what is most important for your brand to engage with when you have all the information at hand.

Image credit: Gavin Whitner