Is Social CRM Really That Important for My Brand?

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A CRM strategy in today’s business cannot truly assist organizations without being social. You might have the best tool to track pipeline and sales and the best analytics to understand the success of product launches and marketing campaigns, but without the tools to integrate your social data (whether you actively use social media or not) you’re missing the mark. Customers are coming on board and then not being offered the chance to interact with your brand – you’re also missing out on opportunities to build engagement and awareness, so it’s definitely a two way street.

Isn’t a social strategy all about customers posting on our Facebook/YouTube/Instagram account? How is that useful to our company?

A big piece of the CRM puzzle you might be missing out on is the customer service exchange. Whilst some social posts aren’t relevant to your brand, about 43% of social engagement by customers aged 18-29 is customer service related (as opposed to 23% that is marketing related). If this age group forms part of your target market, and they can’t resolve their issues with you through their chosen social platform, how long do you think they will remain loyal?

What are the priorities for social customer engagement?

According to a Parature survey on customer service, customers identified the following hot spots:

  • I want my issue resolved quickly (41%)
  • I want the problem solved in a single interaction with a company (26%)
  • I will stop coming back to your store if I don’t receive the customer experience I expect (65%)

Just as important to note are top three things that frustrate customers the most:

  • I have to contact you over and over to resolve the same issue (47%)
  • I always get passed from one person to another (43%
  • Your customer service staff are rude (37%)

If you recognize that your organization is failing to meet these major criteria for customers, then it’s probably about time you stopped putting your head in the sand and excluding social as part of your CRM strategy.

How can my organization implement an effective social CRM?

With Astute Solutions’ integrated products, including an award-winning CRM (ePowerCenter) and a leading social relationship management tool (Astute Social), your organization could soon be the place that customers choose to come back to, and tell their social networks about.

Here’s how:

  1. Astute Social can monitor millions of social media responses and help pluck out those that deal with issues your organization needs to address immediately (both good and bad).
  2. Best-in-class CRM contact centre solutions provide interactive voice response (IVR) for customer issues that don’t require a live agent, essentially eliminating potential wait times (sometimes customers just want their issue resolving without any human interaction).
  3. CRM can capture customer feedback from every customer interaction to help shape future messaging and service procedures.
  4. With Astute Social, businesses can receive near crystal clear insights into how their brand is perceived by the general public and adjust accordingly.
  5. CRM can store customer preferences and previous interactions to help a facility customise the experience for a guest on future visits and even push out exclusive offers and deals to specific segments.

It doesn’t need to be over complicated – contact the Astute Solutions team today and start being the organization that delivers best-in-class customer service experiences, every time.