Is Your Brand Missing Out on 80% of Actionable Social Posts?

young woman at a cafe using a smartphone

Today, only 20 percent of actionable social engagement posts are being addressed. Just 20.

What does that mean?

While consumers are engaging with brands on social media more frequently than ever before, brands are only responding to 20 percent of what they could, while 80 percent is left alone. There’s a major engagement gap on our hands. 

It’s not like there is an absence of social media management tools. Any Google search will bring up curated lists of the 15 or 25 tools your brand “should” be using—or the top 50 to consider— to help increase engagement.

It’s not like these social media management tools aren’t being used, either. Many companies enlist the impressive features of many social media management tools with good intentions of simplicity and efficiency. But not all social media management tools work well together. This lack of integration prevents brands from identifying and prioritizing socially-actionable posts, leading to inefficiency and low engagement.

Consider the social media management tools that support your brand’s strategy:

  • Do you have so many logins for different tools that you have to organize them in a spreadsheet?
  • Is the manual process to sync your social media management tools keeping you from fulfilling your responsibilities?
  • Do you experience disconnects between departments in the execution of your brand’s social media strategy
  • At any time using “free” social media management tools, have you become frustrated with their limited capabilities, only to find another free or “cheap enough” tool to use?
  • Have you accumulated enough monthly fees for the year to fund a contest giveaway?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your brand’s social engagement might be at 20 percent because your tools are not letting your brand’s social media strategy sing. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Accumulating volumes of social media management tools in the effort to be proactive can result in over-complicating processes. More tools doesn’t translate to better, faster engagement.

Many brands, like Domino’s, have been in the “we have to do something, so we’ll try everything” boat. They knew that fast interaction with their socially-active consumers was critical for business, but over-complication was resulting in low social engagement. After taking a step back and consolidating their social listening, engaging and publishing functions into one tool, they were able to increase their engagement by 128 percent.

The ultimate payoff for brands that engage effectively? Brand loyalty and recommendations. Over 70 percent of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand with which they’ve had a positive social media experience. Now that’s a percentage your brand could be content with.