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Is Your Self-Service Smart Enough? [Video]

Smart digital marketers known that 9 out of 10 customers try to find their own answers online before they call your company for help. For that reason, many brands have adopted customer self-service -- but how many of them have optimized the self-service experience, making it truly intelligent and personalized?

Watch the 2-minute video above to learn what your self-service may be missing.

More than half of consumers report that they're more likely to buy from companies that personalize the customer experience. In addition, 97% of marketers and CX professionals believe personalization is crucial to the success of future initiatives. But few are leveraging this insight to tailor their self-service experience. 

Brands must be able to pinpoint the most valuable customers and engage them in the moment with smarter, more personalized service. They must also smooth the road for customers to escalate to a live agent, and equip their agents with in-context knowledge in order to help them further personalize the experience.

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