Product Updates: April 2017

astute social screenshot trigger groups

Astute Social

Multiple Trigger Lists

In Astute Social, users can maintain multiple trigger term lists. This could be utilized for routing one list to a priority queue and another list to a standard queue, or using one trigger list for half of the streams and another trigger list for the other half depending on the variation in streams users are supporting.

Astute Social trigger lists

Twitter Reply Update

Twitter removed the @mention characters from the character count in a reply.  This feature is already live on Twitter native and Astute Social will make the switch as soon as Twitter releases the updated API.  In addition, Astute Social no longer appends a colon after the users @mention in the reply. These updates allow users to generate longer, more complete responses as well as have a more simplified response. Astute Social will also be modifying the way links are embedded in Tweets to match the updated API in the coming months, further enabling longer responses. 

Astute Knowledge

Multiple Sources of Information

Astute Knowledge has been enhanced to allow information to be shared from multiple sources.  As always, brands can manually author content into the knowledgebase. In addition, the system can auto generate topics and responses based on existing documents, websites and FAQs.  Trusted sites can be identified that the system can crawl and index to create additional content directly into your knowledgebase.  Finally, real-time API calls can be used to pull information from internal or 3rd party systems.  This powerful combination of information sources, served up in an optimized way, keeps your customers looking to you as their trusted expert.


Top 3 Updates in 9.7

1. Include Case Texts for Outbound Email
No longer will you need to copy and paste any previous text on the same case email thread. The application can now be configured to include previous text from emails in the reply automatically. The replies to cases will have the same feel as an email thread.

ePowerCenter case text for outbound email

Inbound Emails:

ePowerCenter inbound emails

Outbound Email (showing context for where the above sits in ePowerCenter): 

ePowerCenter outbound email

2. Info Center Search
Search Info Center for information instead of having to get suggestions based on category code selections. (This isthe same functionality that is available in Classic)

3. Chart Report Home Page Widgets
Create a custom chart report, save it as a favorite, and post it as a homepage widget for your agents to view. 

 ePowerCenter home chart report