Product Updates: August 2016

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Astute Social

Admin Enhancement: Facebook Location and Child Pages

Managing hundreds of Facebook location pages just got much simpler.  Admins can now add a single parent page feed and opt for Astute Social to collect all location/child page posts and comments from Facebook.  This will save hours, allowing configuration by a simple check box vs. adding each individual location page — which can be hundreds or thousands in some cases.

Astute Social Admin Enhancements Facebook location and child pages

Image Detection Filters

Astute Social now gives you the ability to exclude data containing images which are deemed inappropriate for viewing by agents. By using filters, you can reduce the risk of social data causing a legal liability with agents. The system can be configured to allow advanced users to monitor this data.

Astute Social Image Detection Filters

Weibo @mentions

Brands can now collect data from Weibo, the largest source of data in China. It specifically collects content which @mentions the brand or the profile which is authenticated.

Astute Knowledge

Self-Managed Content

Astute Knowledge will offer the ability to crawl and extract existing FAQ data from websites automatically. Thus, content from existing brand FAQs sites and 3rd party websites can automatically be leveraged as content for the virtual agent. It builds and manages the FAQs without any human intervention. This automated approach to content development does not require any manual authoring and dynamically updates the content when it changes on the source site. The approach allows reuse of existing content and takes the manual re-entry of information out of the effort to build and maintain the knowledgebase. More exciting things are coming!

For example: Ford is using this technology on their public FordPass App and Website to leverage 3rd party vendors like ParkWhiz, who provide parking signup, on their FordPass app.

Astute Knowledge FordPass app

ParkWhiz already has FAQs on their public website ( to service their customers using the parking app.  Instead of having to copy or rebuild this content, Astute Knowledge is setup to auto-retrieve this information on a scheduled basis and use it in the Astute Knowledge queries.  This automates the building of content and automatically keeps the content accurate and up to date without any human interaction.

Astute Knowledge Self-Managed Content

Enhanced International Features

We have enhanced our international features to include:

  • Content responses developed for each local language combination
  • Spell checking in the language of the response

language response editor astute knowledge