Product Updates: February 2016

epowercenter screenshots


New Features

  • Dual Video for SOS Agents: As an Agent on an SOS Video conversation, I want to show two video feeds to the customer so I can demonstrate a product/process and maintain a face-to-face conversation.
    • When on a call, an agent has a new button that can toggle a second video feed from a second web cam.
    • When the agent toggles the second feed, the new video feed will be displayed to the agent as an extra thumbnail.
    • When the agent toggles the second feed, the new video feed will be displayed to the customer as the main view, and the pre-existing video feed of the agent will become a thumbnail.

      The Agent screen would look similar to this:

    • Customer feed on the top left
    • Agent feed on right
    • Agent 2nd video on bottom left

Astute Knowledge

New Features

  • File Upload Capabilities: The Astute Knowledge authoring tool now allows customers to store external files in our cloud environment and upload them directly from the Astute Knowledge Authoring tool:


  • Salesforce User Interface Widget:We’ve added a new user feature that integrates to the SalesForce CRM platform and allows SalesForce Agents to utilize the Astute Knowledge information right from their SalesForce User interface.

    It also is highly integrated allowing:

    • Tracking of Agent Usage
    • Automated Case Updates 
    • Storage of transcript history in Salesforce

Astute Social


  • Interaction Latency Reduction: Astute Social has always had about a 15-20 minute delay between when data is collected and when it is viewable to the end user. Several recent enhancements have reduced this time to just five minutes. This reduction in latency will allow our customers to be more much more responsive to customer requests and needs. This will also allow brands to better meet their SLAs which can now be tracked based on last months’ Response Metrics enhancement.

Astute SOS

New Features

  • New Astute Knowledge & SOS User Interface:We’ve added a new configurable user interface that allows Astute Knowledge to seamlessly integrate to SOS for escalation.

    Astute Knowledge has been extended so that administrators can identify the topics they want escalated and to which channel in SOS the user should be escalated.

    For example, on our public site, we can escalate any user asking for a demo to talk live with someone in marketing via SOS.  There are three new options for escalation in Astute Knowledge. This includes:

    1. SOS Click to Talk
    2. SOS Click to Chat
    3. SOS Click to Video Conference