Product Updates: February 2017

astute social screenshot command center social media trends reporting and analytics

Astute Social

Command Center

Command Center Trends: With this new feature, brands can see what is trending worldwide on Twitter. The feature tracks which trends may relate to the brand, the most influential authors, the most influential posts, and the posts related to the brand. Agile marketing teams can use this to find trends they should engage in and consumer affairs teams can identify negative trends associated with the brand to maintain brand equity.

Astute Social Command Center trends

Command Center Post-Performance Measurement: Quickly see how brand posts are performing across all Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This includes all social posts, impressions paid vs. unpaid, reach, shares, likes, followers, viral reach, and post consumption (depending on the network). Users can filter by platform or account to find metrics related to the specific account they want to monitor. A great use for this feature is to look at impressions across all platforms and accounts to better understand what content is doing well and what content is not performing. In addition, brands can see the lifespan of each posts and the engagement after 1 hour to 30 days after the posts was made.

Astute Social Command Center Performance

Astute Knowledge

Auto Generated Content via API Integration

Astute Knowledge responses can be integrated to 3rd party systems to auto generate a response to an inquiry. The integration can provide information on topics like ‘Where to buy,” “What is my order status,” “When will my package arrive.” With this integration, customers can define topics and their responses in Astute Knowledge and then identify when to go out to get the response via an “action.” The action defines the API and the variables needed for the API to receive and return a response.

The variables can be captured from the device or Astute Knowledge can prompt and ask the user for the information. Once the variable requirements are meant then the call is dynamically made, the response is returned and rendered seamlessly in the Astute Knowledge response.

Other information like the user’s name, location and other personal attributes can also be used to customize the response. For example, “Hi Sara, here is the delivery information on your package. It looks like you can expect delivery on Tuesday January 5th 2017.”

Astute Knowledge Response Generation


Home Page Chart Reports

Make your home page charts more useful and meaningful! With full flexibility, admins can modify and add chart reports as widgets. These chart reports are a graphical representation of a tabular report and offer 10+ different types of graphs. Example charts can include trend reports or aging reports. Now you can easily track the age of your critical cases directly from your Home Page.

ePowerCenter Home Page