Product Updates: July 2016

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Here are the latest product updates for Astute ePowerCenter CRM.


Issue Category Expansion

Use of codes allow complete flexibility in defining the types of information captured for issues. Category “C” Codes are used for issues captured about cases and allow for flexible configuration options. One main example of a C-codes is to assign a list of reasons (groups, subgroups, and specific reason codes) for an issue. Assigning data types provides a more relational structure for saving and reporting the date. Date fields can be recognized and properly sorted. In addition, calculations can be performed on numeric fields. The number of available Issue Category “C” Codes have been increased in ePowerCenter from 99 to 242.

Here is a sample section of the Issue input screen:

The fields shown on this screen are based on C-Code setup.

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Saving Report Favorites

Just like the Classic version, users on 9UX can now configure reports and save them as a favoriteIn addition, users can share reports with others by simply copying or sharing a link. Multiple reports can also be grouped in a shared folder.

Here you can see the workflow to select other users for sharing:

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Order Capture Functionality

Order Capture allows a call center agent to capture the details needed for order entry. This can be used for purposes such as replacement orders or repair part orders. It allows the agent to capture the key order details without having to leave ePowerCenter and log into a separate order entry system. With this seamless transition from case entry to order capture, items or quantities automatically post from the case to the order. This functionality was also designed to capture and integrate to 3rd party systems including credit card information, product and order information, and shipping cost calculations.

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