Product Updates: June 2017

astute agent new product and reason codes

Here are some of ePowerCenter’s latest agent efficiency updates:

Case Auto Recovery

When a browser crashes or is inadvertently closed, saved case data is no longer lost. It can be recovered when the user navigates back to ePowerCenter. This prevents case data loss.

Navigate to Last Screen

When a user dismisses a case, they will now be navigated back to the screen where they were prior to opening the case, instead of the home screen. This creates efficiency for agents as they will not have to navigate back to work items or previous cases. They will instead be taken back to the last task they were working on.

Mandatory Data Fields

If an agent attempts to save a case without completing all mandatory fields, ePowerCenter will now provide information on the missing data in a pop-up message. Clicking on the message will direct the agent to the field in question so that they can directly type or browse without having to search for the field in the case.