Product Updates: March 2016

epowercenter screenshots

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Several new features, available in 9.4, releasing this weekend, include:

Smart Search

The Case Search box in the Application banner can now be configured to search for recent cases using different elements such as name, phone number, social media ID, and reason for contact.   This feature would allow an agent to quickly find a case for “Mark Williams” calling about “product x”, for example.

Personal Filters

User profiles can now be configured with a default filter that automatically limits case views, reports, work item lists, and home page widgets.  This can be especially helpful for “regional” or brand-specific users.

Sensitive Data Storage

Case and Address related data elements can be configured to protect potentially sensitive PII or financial data.  Data will be stored in an encrypted area and access will be controlled and audited.   This will support configuration of ePowerCenter for compliance or regulatory purposes.


New HomePage Widgets

  • Custom Work Item List:  Allow a custom work item list to be displayed on a user’s homepage.
  • Agent Stats: Displays agent performance information and productivity including the number of cases created for the current agent compared to the average for all agents.


  • Yammer Feed: Displays your company/departmental Yammer feed.
  • Telephony Marquee: Displays Telephony information such as queue name, interactions waiting, longest wait time, agents logged in, and available agents.
  • Telephony Workgroups: displays a listing of Telephony workgroups.

SOS Integration for webchat, voice and video

Traditional webchat, voice, and video can be delivered directly to agents using ePowerCenter with context from the website or mobile application.

Role-based security for Agent Assist

Allows access to Privileged Areas defined within Astute Knowledge.  This can be useful to provide additional information to a 2nd-tier / escalation team.


Additional enhancements and refinements in v9.4 in the following areas based on customer feedback

  • Addresses
  • Case Attachments, Issues, Merge, Texts
  • Code Browsing
  • Email (inbound and outbound)
  • HTML Editor, Print/Preview
  • InfoCenter
  • Keywords for Case Text and Category Codes
  • Search
  • Spelling
  • Performance enhancements for 9UX and Category Code maintenance
  • Homepage and Layout editors for 9UX
  • ESP Styling

ESP Styling Updates Allows for a Better User Experience


The new ESP panel groups items by type and offers better background contrast with a more distinctive separator between sections.


Accept (checkmark) and Reject (‘x’) buttons have been updated.

Tooltip appears when you hover over an item to show the full name if it is longer than the space allows.

Astute ESP better user experience

Astute Social

Instagram Integration

Astute Social now allows you to set up Instagram as a feed. This will pull all of the images into your account post, the comments to these posts and, with a proper Instagram response account setup, the ability to respond to these comments.