Product Updates: May 2016

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Check out the latest updates to Astute’s suite of products:


Case Audit

Audit Trails provide a way for you to track when specific pieces of information are changed within the system. The audit information includes the before and after values, as well as the user code of the person who made the change.

To view all audit trails for the current case, select Application Menu > Case Audit Trail.

Astute Solutions ePowerCenter CRM product updates

When case audit trails are activated, field-level changes to the following information are included in the case audit trails.

  • Address information
  • Case header information
  • Issue information
  • Issue details
  • Case enclosures
  • Case text entries
  • Letters

An example of the Case Audit Trail is shown below:

ePowerCenter CRM customer case audit

Enhanced Address Search Layout Options

Layout options have been enhanced so that additional information on Address Searches can be used for identifying the Addresses returned in a search result. There are times when additional information that is stored about the Address is needed, so that Agents can properly distinguish between Address records. We now enable you to customize your Address Search Layout to include additional information on the Address record, including Extended Attributes, Landmarks, Actions, and Account History. Here is an example screenshot showing Extended Attributes:

ePowerCenter Astute CRM address search

Home Page Widgets

Using drag-and-drop operations, you can place relevant widgets into the Home Page for users to view important information. Widgets are added in rows using small or large sizes. The widget size is responsive and adjusts to the size of the device being used.

The following widgets are available:

  • Case Queue: Displays ePowerCenter case queues that the agent can access. If the queue has more than one case in it, the agent can click on a queue to pick a case from it.
  • Case Reason: Shows the most used reasons on recent issues in a color-coded pie chart. 
  • Case Contact Method: Shows how many cases are created through phone call/chat/letter/social medias/etc. in a chart based on the designated time frame.
  • Recent Pending Actions: This is a way for a user to quickly see and grab any actions that are waiting on them. It shows the actions that are pending (require action) and the day they are due.
  • Message Center Inbox: Displays messages for any errors that occurred during Batch Processing. You can only view and delete messages on the widget
  • Telephony Workgroups: Displays a tab for each workgroup the agent is a member of. In each tab there is a table that shows all the other users in that workgroup (Requires CIC integration)
  • Telephony Marquee: Displays statistics of call queue(s). Ex: how many customers are currently on hold, average wait time, average total call time, etc. (Requires CIC integration)
  • Case Listing Report: Lists cases according to a pre-defined case listing favorite. Favorite ID is required.
  • Yammer Feed: Shows the most recent Yammer posts. A Yammer app ID and company network is required for ePowerCenter to access the Yammer feed of your company.
  • Agent Stats: Displays the productivity of the agent for that day. There are two tabs on this widget: Performance Stats and Productivity Info.
  • Performance Stats: Displays a graph of all the cases created by agent by origin.
  • Productivity Info: Displays the number of cases created by the agent versus the average number of cases created by all agents. If there are no cases created, the values show as 0. The percentage in the center shows the rounded difference between the average of all cases and the cases created by the agent.
  • Additional Resources: Shows recent messages from the Resources page. This widget is similar to a bulletin board. It is a way for administrators to post announcements, tips, reminders, etc. so that everyone in the system will see it. 
  • User Posts: Shows the most recent posts from the News Feed page. This widget is a way for agents to communicate with each other, as well as for supervisors to quickly send a message to all agents.

Astute Social

New Interactions Panel

The new interactions panel has an updated look, while all of the information in the old interactions panel is still available, we have optimized the space for less clicks and easier visibility. The previous interactions panel required clicking on each element to get corresponding data.  

Author information, audit data, and notes is now visible as soon as you display an interaction.  In addition, we have streamlined the response capability, allowing the agent or end user to type their response right from the detail area and see the entire conversation giving them context. In addition, it is now easier to see which response account you are replying with and a larger area for managing escalations.

Astute Social media management tool interactions panel

Coming Soon: New Publishing Interface

The new publishing interface allows users more customization of platforms being published to, better media/asset management, enhanced previews, and a streamlined workflow.  The calendar interface also gives a new way of managing scheduled and posted interactions.  You can now drag across multiple days.  This will show you all posts across that date range and give you a preview using our new interaction cards.  The interaction cards will show the current status, picture, title, and content.  It will also show the schedule or posted time and a link to the interaction on the social channel for any successfully sent interactions.  Lastly, the new publishing interface allows for publishing to LinkedIn.

Astute Solutions social media management

Astute social media publishing

Astute Social media publishing tool

Astute Social publishing tool

Astute Social media management software