Product Updates: May 2017

astute social listening dashboard

Astute Social

Facebook Collection Time Enhancement

With an enhanced Facebook Webhooks collection, Facebook data is collected in near real time. Average post is collected in less than 30 seconds (a significant speed boost from approximately 5 minutes). As consumers’ expectations have been pushing businesses to respond faster on social channels, getting data more quickly enables you to be more responsive, which in turn creates a better experience for consumers.

Assignment Search

Users can now search for and utilize type-down options to find the person to whom they want to assign a social post for follow-up. Agents gain efficiency in assigning interactions to users within the system, especially where user lists are larger. This is especially helpful if you are not currently using auto-routing.

Assignment search in Astute Social

Hide Facebook Posts

Facebook interactions (posts, comments, and replies) can be hidden on your brand’s Facebook page from Astute Social. This saves users time from needing to go to the Facebook Timeline to find and then hide the interaction.

Below is an example of how to hide a post.

Hiding Facebook posts with Astute Social

Private Message Workflow to ePowerCenter

The workflow of private messages and direct messages into ePowerCenter has been enhanced. Private messages and direct messages have always been related to one single conversation thread with the user. While this structure remains, the case workflow has been modified to check for a status of “Open” within the direct message or private message case Astute Social is updating. If the case is closed, a new case will be opened in ePowerCenter. If the case is open, the case will be updated with any new private or direct messages. In addition to this updated workflow, if a public message creates a case and an agent responds asking for a private message, the agent can leave the case open and any private message from the same user will update the public message case. This enhancement removes the need to merge cases and allows agents to maintain continuity with individual customers. Overall, this enhancement is estimated to save agents an average of 5-7 minutes.

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