Product Updates: September 2016

screenshot of astute knowledge chinese multilingual

Astute Social

Google My Business API Integration

With the Google My Business API integration, there are benefits for admins and agents.

Admins no longer have to add every location page individually to pull in Google reviews. Google My Business allows the admin to simply add Astute Social as a manager and all of the company’s locations will be pulled in automatically. This will save a lot of configuration time.

Agents can also respond directly to reviews from within Astute Social and ePowerCenter (or a CRM) without needing access to the Google Business Account. This not only adds another layer of security to the Google location pages but also saves agents time by no longer having to go to Google to write their response to a review.

astute social google my business integration api

Real-Time Connection to Facebook

Facebook Webhooks enable Astute Social to get real-time updates (instead of syncing every few minutes) allowing faster data collection from Facebook and reducing API usage for each account.

Astute Knowledge

Improved Report Performance

We have made reporting improvements to our software so now you will experience 8x faster reports and spend 98.25% less time waiting for reports to load. This includes:

  • Real-Time Reporting 
  • Real-Time Learning
  • Improved Performance of large data sets (yearly reports) performing in milliseconds


We have optimized our authoring features for globalization.

The authoring dashboard can now be pulled by locale (language and country).

astute knowledge kms authoring tool locale language and country

Authors can assign tasks to non-authors to translate content. This will remove need to import/export content. The translator will get an email with a link to the tool and when they sign on they will only see the material to translate. They will have a dual window to see both language versions. This includes tracking and reporting as well.

astute knowledge kms assign translation tasks translate

The response editor includes spell check in the language of the response.

astute knowledge kms language spell check spellcheck

Astute Knowledge is now in China!

astute knowledge kms china chinese mandarin

Astute SOS Mobile API

astute sos mobile api

Astute SOS has a mobile API allowing an easy to use plugin for developers to enable SOS conversations in their iOS apps.  

With this, text chat, voice, and video conversations can be launched within a brand’s app. This can be used to provide high-touch, in-the-moment, mobile customer service.

No additional downloads, no launching a separate app, and all contextual data gets sent to the brand to enable better customer service.