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So Much Consumer Data and Not a Clue What to Do With It—Part 2

Customer relationship management

As we discussed in part one of this series, the ability to compile and analyze big data can have a significant impact on every aspect of a business. Now that we have established the importance of the information being made available by today’s technology, it’s time to take a look at how to make sense of it all.

Gathering the right data

Let’s say you own a hotel and are looking to gauge your guests’ level of satisfaction with the time they spend at your establishment. You want to email surveys to guests who provide their information but face a difficult challenge: If your questionnaire is limited to only questions that require “Yes” or “No” or “Rate from 1-5” answers, you risk not getting specific and worthwhile results. Conversely, if you offer guests more open-ended questions, you may not have the time or resources to go through the responses in a reasonable period. With analytic tools, you no longer have to choose between these two options.

Best-in-class analytics solutions, such as Astute Insights, allow you to take large data fields (i.e. long form responses, surveys) and break it down into useful, bite-sized chunks pinpointing which customers need assistance and which customers are raving fans, and why. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and keyword searches, these tools:

  • Analyze, categorize and process free form text
  • Create new opportunities identified through voice-of-the-customer insights
  • Categorize comments with regard to sentiment, service areas and other categories
  • Create advanced reports to easily identify problem areas
  • Save time and money by analyzing information more efficiently

Trending for success

As you begin to see trends in the responses and get a better idea of what is working for your hotel and what needs improvement, you can make changes to your contact center, start a new social media campaign or make adjustments to your website. In short, you can take a slew of information and transform it into new best practices for your establishment, creating the all-important emotional connection with your guests.

A major independent global study shows that the hospitality industry significantly stands to benefit from big data, but this sector certainly isn’t the only one. Big data is transforming businesses across the board: from retail to manufacturing and financial services, every vertical stands to benefit.

Regardless of the type of products or services you offer, every company’s brand reputation can be enhanced by:

  • Relevant insights into their consumer base’s preferences, trends and buying habits
  • The ability to respond to customers in a timely manner across all communications channels (phone, email, social media etc.)
  • Identifying the types of information relevant to your growth plan, i.e. customer feedback, product trends, preferred communication channel
  • Incorporating customer trends and demands into future products and services; creating brand loyalty

Taking the next step in your big data challenge

The key now is to understand exactly what your customers are saying and how you can better meet their needs. Contact the Astute Solutions team to understand more about how the specific data within your organization can be transformed to create viable, customer-centric solutions.