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The Future of Customer Self-Service [Video]

Today’s customers expect online self-service to provide relevant answers, personalized responses, and easy escalation. But many customer self-service experiences leave the consumer feeling frustrated. High customer expectations mean the future of self-service is not the future at all -- it's happening right now. Watch the video to learn how knowledge management software using artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), machine learning and natural language processing can deliver the web self-service interactions your customers have come to expect.

Web self-service is no longer optional for brands– consumers have come to expect it. Seventy percent of consumers prefer to use web self-service as a starting point in their service interactions. It is absolutely crucial that your self-service tools provide each customer with answers that are accurate, consistent, and relevant. Using an advanced self-service software can mirror the in-store customer experience in an online environment by engaging customers in a conversation.

Driving customer satisfaction with your self-service experiences is a task not to be taken lightly. Research has shown that, for customers who cannot find an answer through self-service, are escalated to a live agent, and still do not get resolution for their issue, more than half of them will never do business with that company again.

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