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Top Social CRM Challenges and How to Overcome Them


At Astute, we hear from a lot of businesses who are struggling to overcome the many challenges of implementing an effective social CRM strategy. It’s not a problem that can be ignored, with the growing number of social users and the increasing reliance of customers on their social network’s word-of-mouth brand recommendations.

The top 3 challenges companies face when implementing an effective social CRM are...

  1. Knowing which posts are relevant for your brand
  2. Gathering incoming consumer data despite ever-growing social channels
  3. Translating social market data into customer-centric strategies

How can organizations mitigate these issues?

Filter the clutter
Organizations become stressed when they try to capture and analyze everything online. This just isn’t possible, and it’s also unnecessary. Only about 3% of social chatter is actually relevant to your brand. Once you have cleared out the rest, the remaining data can bring useful insights and knowledge.

Integration is key
Gathering and sorting the data is important, but it’s also crucial to integrate every consumer interaction into a robust customer relationship management (CRM) workflow that brings together a consumer’s full story with your organization, including social as well as traditional contact methods such as calls and emails.

Cloud technologies facilitate this integration and can be a cost-effective and secure way to bring together all consumer data.

Contact center of the future
Where the contact center might once have been full of junior customer service representatives fielding complaint calls and inquiries, companies are now looking to them to be brand ambassadors and customer champions for the entire organization. Equipping them with the data needed to provide proactive, timely, and unique customer service experiences means the contact center will transition from being transactional to being an integral force behind your customer interactions.

What does a social CRM look like?

At Astute Solutions, we work with big (and growing) brands to provide a complete social listening and management solution we call Astute Social.

Here’s how it works…

The tool gathers your social media feeds and other sources where your customers (or potential customers) might be spending time online sharing their opinions and thoughts. Social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Amazon reviews, Instagram, consumer review sites, and more.

You then see and hear what your customers are talking about without any of the usual social media "noise."

The tool helps you filter out the remaining 97% of social chatter to provide you with meaningful insight and analysis.

We work with you to define company, product, and/or brand-specific criteria for what you are trying to learn. For example, you might want to hear specific market insights into your latest product launch or look at all feeds relating to a recent press release.

We can also help you to understand what this all means by analyzing emotion and sentiment analysis. You can see all positive, negative and neutral comments across your product range or for your brand as a whole.

Depending on your organization’s goals and strategy, the social media analysis you gather can enhance your success in various ways.

For example, the sales team might want to know if the latest offer was well received, the marketing team will be interested in the geographical reach of your latest campaign, and the product development folks will be keen to hear feedback on your latest product.

You will be able to see and understand the statistics behind your customers, where they are in the world, who they are, and how influential they are so that you can maximize your reach and adapt accordingly. With a solution that also integrates with your CRM, the voice of the customer feedback becomes even more relevant and useful.

This is where social media can help you to start to build and enhance relationships with your customers online, in real time.

If you read a negative comment about your brand, you will see it and can provide a response immediately; the thing to remember with social media is the speed at which people provide their feedback as well as how quickly they expect a suitable response – we are no longer in the days of writing a private complaint letter to the CEO and waiting days or weeks for a response. Without instant acknowledgements and responses, a minor complaint can quickly go viral.

Don’t forget about the positive feedback, though. While today’s empowered customer is quick to rant about something online, they could also rave about you – and you definitely want to respond and bask in the glory of social compliments!

This is where the real magic can happen! By using a social media monitoring tool, there are no more guessing games about what your customers need, no more limited focus groups as the basis of your next product and no more wondering whether you can break into a new market. You’ll be able to make decisions based on real time social data, like demographics and statistics, and put into place optimization strategies that adapt and respond accordingly.

Contact Astute Solutions today to start your social CRM journey.

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