What CRM Trends Do You Need to Know About in 2015?

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Happy New Year to all our clients, customers and partners! 2015 is already off to a flying start and we are excited about what this year can bring for our clients, and their customers.

In 2014 Forrester determined that we are currently in the ‘the age of the customer’ – successful organisations know the rewards when they place great focus on their customers. This year, that trend is only set to continue with customers placing ever more demands on companies and a growing need for organisations to really understand what it means to engage with their customers.

What might have seemed new in 2014, such as live chat, self service and mobile applications for brands, will soon become the norm in 2015. And, with more mobile devices than toothbrushes on the planet, this isn’t something businesses can ignore for much longer.

“Consumers are faced with more opportunities and more information about products. Whether it is a luxury good buyer or a cost-conscious consumer, they are spending more time in the research and investigation phase.”

Matt Gierhart, head of social strategy for Oglivy & Mather

Astute’s clients know the value of a best-in-class customer relationship management (CRM) solution for meeting the current and future needs of customers. So what should companies be doing in 2015 to leverage their CRM?

1. Get the right data

Your CRM needs to give you proper insights and analysis into your customers and prospects, and this just cannot be achieved manually. Figure out what you need to know to achieve your business goals, and ensure you pick a CRM that can meet those needs, as well as react to future trends.

2. Engage, engage, engage

A couple of years ago, it might have been fine to have a social media feed and send the odd retweet to your followers. Today’s customers want to know they can do a lot more to interact with your brand. From finding out about your products, reading other people’s reviews and having instant conversations when they want to will be a key element for engagement this year. A CRM should be able to help you decide the best platforms, campaigns and times to create meaningful interactions with your audience.

Between 2008 and 2009, Dell estimates, its Twitter feed has generated more than $6m in orders, and has nearly 1.58m followers.

3. Bring customers back

Creating a customer experience so good that they want to return will be a key theme for 2015 and we can’t wait to see some of the innovative ways companies can achieve this. It’s no longer just about the best product at the best price, if customers feel valued, they will remember that more than a one off discount. Let your CRM give you the data into what your customers want and get ready to roll out the red carpet for them.

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