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What is Customer Service in a Social World?


Customer Service Tips: How to Handle Customer Communication via Social Media

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for customer service as they witness  more and more brands respond to consumer comments, complaints, praise and questions on the social channels they frequent.

According to research released in June 2014 by Accent Marketing, 82 percent of consumers are now using Facebook to speak with a customer service representative. However, few brands are set up to effectively manage social media as a customer service channel, with just 33 percent of contact centers established to support social media, according to a 2013 Deloitte Consulting survey.

82% of consumers are using Facebook to speak with customer service.

The customer experience is becoming a true differentiator for brands, especially those in service industries like hospitality and travel. The brands that are coming out on top are those that treat all the channels through which their customers may reach them with equal importance. Part of this is responding to consumers through their channel of choice, whether it be phone, email, Facebook or Twitter.

As the product manager of Astute Solutions social media management and monitoring tool, Astute Social, we work hard to help brands continue to raise the bar for customer experience through social media. We recently introduced a new feature in our SRM which gives brands the ability to respond and resolve customer inquiries within Facebook private messaging.

Brands no longer need to ask customers to leave their channel of choice by directing them to email or phone. Instead, brands can ask consumers to initiate a private message through Facebook to protect their personal information and resolve their inquiry more efficiently.

Facebook is holding strong as the primary social media channel for consumers seeking a response from brands. At Astute, we expect this trend to grow as consumers continue to receive positive reinforcement from brands responding via social media in shorter periods.